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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Smallaxe, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I see what your doing now, sorry for all the questions, was just trying to understand what you are trying to achieve.

    Looking in my garden yesterday, it appears the CG is just starting to sprout here,(if what I was looking at was CG) so I wouldn't think it would be much longer in your area Axe.
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    I did a renovation on my lawn last spring, and also on a customer's property. I used Siduron on both. It seemed to somewhat control the CB, but far from 100%, maybe 50%.

    On my lawn I hand pulled every CB sprout I could see, for 15 minutes in the am, and again in the evening. On the customer's lawn, one with a history of heavy infestation, the CB just took over. I repeated the renovation in the fall, and it looks fine so far this spring, although I did go heavy on my Dimension app. My lawn turned out great, but it was only because I spent near a half hour a day handweeding about 1.5k of turf.

    I will NOT do any more spring renovations, period. The turf just does not have the root system to compete with the CB once it really gets going. I go with ONLY weed control, even if the lawn is a mess, and then renovate in the fall now.

    I'm surprised any of you are seeing and CB already. Even in untreated lawns, it usually doesn't show up here until late May. I'm zone 6-7. It is likely germinating, but no tip growth here yet.
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    My cool season grasses are at the 2 leaf stage right now. So still too early for Pre-M...

    They haven't really grown at all since they got about an inch and a half tall. Suppose to warm up now for the next week with overnight lows in the 40s instead of 30s. We might break 70s for daytime highs. [Zone 3 or 4]

    If the dormant seeding takes off in the lawns with trees, the CG will never even germinate unless we cut the turf too short and allow it to shrink back with the heat and drought in July/August.
    [CG was designed to provide cover for soil if nothing else is covering it adequately. All I am really doing is providing soil protection that doesn't necessitate the involvement of CG.]

    The whole purpose of this experiment was for LCOs to learn the proper timing for their region, in getting something going on their clients' brown, muddy, dusty, ugly spots b4 even worrying about CG.
    I have the barren patch @ 50% coverage and probably another month or even 2 b4 the CG even thinks about germinating.

    Spring overseeding is important here because many lawns are abused with fert/water and are subject to winter kill.

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