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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BCP, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. BCP

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    Hey all I have been filling my head with info from here for a while, gathering information, to possibly start a lawn care business. I would like your opinions on equipment I have acquired. I have an old '85 Simplicity 5216 with a 42" cut, a 21" push mower, troy bilt string trimmer, No blower as of yet. Is this equipment good enough to start out with? I intent to do residential accounts for a while then as I acquire larger equipment, go for larger accounts.

    Here are pics of the trimmer and the Simplicity;

  2. Raven386

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    Welcome to LawnSite. If it cuts grass,does it cleanly and evenly...then its a start.
  3. tropical breeze

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    I am starting out with a 6x12 trailer with racks a 42in rider murry an extra rider same brand for parts and got it all for $ 700 now looking for blower. and weedeater. Like last post if it cuts good its all you need to start and your over head will be low which means more $ in your pocket. Good Luck
  4. hackitdown

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    Use them until they die, or you cannot keep up with the work schedule, then buy commercial equipment. You gotta start somewhere.

    The mower will be slow, a commercial mower will cut mowing times in half.
  5. emlawncare

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    I have to agree with hackitdown... i use my 1981 cub cadet everyday... yes it is slow but it still gets the job done. i also have a 1972 cub cadet 106 that i plan to plow snow with this winter... and to be honest it runs the best out of all my mowers. my oldest one is a 1966 cub cadet 102 and it ran/drove when i tore it apart to restore it. its amazing how long those old ones last... here is a pic of the 102 before it was torn down and the other two... good luck



    Mobile 050.jpg
  6. tropical breeze

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    Cool mowers guys. I am thinking once I get 2 about 25-30 accounts I will look for commercial and use this one for back up to speed things up. Look on craigslist for a trailer if you dont have one yet there are always great deals on there.
  7. emlawncare

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    My plans are similar to yours tropical breeze. I would like to get around 20 mowing accounts and then get a couple commercial accounts where i am doing all the grounds keeping. I am in the market for a smaller w/b so i can do these commercial jobs and to help speed up some of the other accounts. Plus it looks a little more professional than a 28 year old rider.
  8. S L C

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    OH MY!!!! I will just leave it at that.......:cry::cry::cry::waving:

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