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    What kind of reaction do you get from customers, when you tell them that their lawn is dead and not just dormant? I have serveral that will need reseeded, people think I'm trying to screw them by saying that their lawns need reseeded.
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    Messages: 13,813 do you know its dead--not dormant?

    A percentage, but not all of the crowns are probably killed. Good question.

    I suggest you dig up a sqft of the sod and water it at your office under controlled questions for 7 days in a 9 by 13 cake pan (117 sq inches--a sqft is 144 sq in). Find out if it will recover and to what degree. Advise customer.

    What kind of grass? What is the soil temp? What is the soil percent moisture by weight? Have a soil lab weigh it --dry it in an oven--and weigh it again.
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    right now think you might be screwing them if telling them it needs be reseeded
    you wont know till rains comes back if needs be reseeded most grass has went dormant
    Places might need seed where mower tracks are why its best not to mow lawns that are dry and brown
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    LOL.....Customers have tried watering their lawns to bring them back but still not green after a couple of weeks. They think the grass is still dormant or that it will magically come back on their own. Lawns are a mix rye, blue grass, creeping red fescue. i realize its a percentage and not every plant is dead but a overseed needs to be done. This time a year is alwasy hard to get people to spend money on their lawns, all of them want to wait until Spring and think we can just turn on a switch and bring them back in short order. When we all know that Fall is the best time, at least in the north to prepare for next Spring.
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    Messages: 4,386 this a jab from a previous thread in the commercial mowing section? LOL

    No mower has been on these lawn in weeks, I treat them and their is no weeds so no mowing has been needed. Lawns only had the first round application done on them. Lawns are cooked, almost a grey look to them, most direct sunlight with no shade.
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    Homeowners' efforts of watering may or may not be adequate to beat the drought to the extent that the grass actually turns green... whether the crowns and roots are given adequate water to help it survive during dormancy is an unknown, but to imagine that the grass is actually dead because it did not turn green is another bad assumption...

    Consider your reputation when the lawns start to grow and they only think of you as the guy who said they were all dead, and need your help...
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  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Not trying slam you
    People asking me about if lawns are died I tell them might be and might not be just wont know till rains comes back
    Been few guys going around trying reseed people lawns and they are telling they are dead and funny part they are seeding lawns now only broadcasting

    I tried the slit seeder and ground is way to hard for it to place seed in the ground proper
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    Broadcasting seed onto the ground is no problem in the middle of a drought and excessive heat, as long as no one tries to get it to germinate under these conditions... the seed will just work its way down through the mulch and wait for conditions to be right...
    Our seeding season is about to get underway now in a couple of weeks... I'll overseed brown grass areas lightly and work up bare spots with a heavier dose of seed and soak them in good...
    Once the good Fall rains start they should all be ready to germinate and I expect it will be about that time that the grass starts to green up again...

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