Reseeding lawns?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SpudsM15, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Guys when reseeding lawns what have you found to have the best results.
    This is my first year so i've had a few failures.. hehe

    First on my prop I rented a bluebird slit seeder from depot...I droped 30 lbs of seed on 6k. On already patchy lawn it did nothing on open area it took but its dead already... did this at beginning of season. All i did was slitseeded(cross-hatched it)
    Just seemed to have no effect.

    The other day I did a job for a guy.... NEw construction was very rocky! First watered the lawn to soften it up a lil... Then core aerated..went over most of the lawn twice was pulling about 1 1/2 cores out but it was very rocky so the thing was bounceing.
    Then i spread topsoil 2yd worth of topsoil... then spread about 2/3rds of a yd of peatmoss (major dust clouds!!!!!) spread seed with broadcast spreader. Then ran a rake over it...Didn't really rake it to hard just ran a rake over it.. then went over it with a seed spreading again... Raked again...Then spread some started fert.

    I got paid for 9 1/2 hr 1 1/2 was worth drive time
    The bill came out to 700 bucks i made 350....
    Told the guy to water it everyday and not to cut it for 3 weeks...
    Is this the right process(I feel i should raked better but the aerating really tired me out this was about a 10k area...
    Did some mulching and made a garden before did the seeding...It was hot ran outta water after 4hrs!!!(lol)
    Does my process seem right? Should I have spread seed after areating?
    I thought it would put the seed to low in the ground to germinate.
    Just need some critics on this one...
    Any help is apprectiated... Thanks all
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    Your OK. But better you aerated, seed then rake. Last is to spread the peat over the seed.

    Watering. That would be keep it moist everyday. Sprinkling a couple times a day.
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    What Glan said.^
    Sounds like the first one was probably not watered enough.

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