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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Captain K, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Captain K

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    Hi!!I need some help...I live in Kansas City and I have a small yard 8500 sq. ft and I want to over seed tomorrow....So,can someone tell me what is a good a seed to get...I have fescue now and thinking about a blend of fescue w/blues grass..I have no shade at all...So, far today I have mow down to 2" and aerate already so tomorrow going to over seed and need some advice on the type to get and so far have I gone through the wright step...So,please help...Thank You in advance...
  2. integrityman

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    As you are in an area with a lot of sun, the prenial ryegrasses and Kentucky bluegrasses will thrive the best in heat and dryness. There are many varieties of each. Fescues tend to fare poorly in areas of dryness. Lowe's sells a product called Scott's Pro Select in 50lb bags. This may be a bit much for your job, It has a good blend of about 50% perenial ryegrass, 25% Kentucky Bluegrass and about 25% fescue. Shop for a blend that is formulated especially for sunny or high traffic areas. Use a good starter fertilizer, go heavy on the seed application. water lightly to keep the soil damp.
  3. jeffham

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    Consider waiting until the plugs dissolve and the holes are closed from aerating. Also, the grass pad has some high quality seed (although expensive). You are right on track with fescue / blue mix for our area.
  4. joshua

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    tall fescue is the best for drought , disease , insects, and high traffic. go straight tall fescue.

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