Reseeding old in ground pool

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by clc2003, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. clc2003

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    I have been contacted for a bid to reseed a back yard in which a pool used to be. I have done some seeding but most of it has been done when removing bushes and so forth. I am not sure how to figure the price for this job and was looking for some help. the area that needs to be seeded is approx. 76x76. I will figure the cost of equipment on top of what the labor and material cost would be.

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    I think if you can outline the steps you believe need to be taken to get the area prepped for seeding will have a big influence on what to charge. Is the area overgrown with weeds, does it need amendments? Does it need tilling or aeration?

    Then how you plan to seed and what the customer wants I think are important also...drop spreader? Slit seed? Hydroseed? What type of grass do they want etc.
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    Charge the customer as if you rented the equipment--maybe you
    "rented " a tractor at $50 per half-day. Unskilled labor or? Does it take skill to operate the equip? Charge more in labor, for the skill and experience needed for the equip. It is something the homeowner could not do himself.

    Of course, if a low-ball company would do it for less you may have to offer a discount or have a sale.
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  5. clc2003

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    As far as the condition of the area it is pretty good shape. It has had the top of the pool knocked down/in and the hole has been filled in. The condition of the dirt is pretty good too, very little weeds. I was thinking of getting a machine in the yard and using a harley rake to prep the area and then broadcasting the seed and raking it in. The only thing I am consurned about is that the yard is fenced in. It has a good sized gate but I am not sure if my T190 will fit. If not I will have to rent a Dingo or something similar.
    Does this help any?
  6. unit28

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    what kind of fence and soil?
    if you can go in from the another side and take the fence down..

    easier said than done ?
  7. sweetjetskier

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    make sure that you have a stipulation that settling of soil, lawn, etc is not your deal.

    I have seen many inground pools filled in and they have voids for years because they were properly filled in, to much liability in my mind.

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