Reseeding Rates in NJ / PA Area ?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Lost Pine, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Lost Pine

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    Just wondering with the economy the way it has been, what is the going rate per sqft for overseeding this Fall....? I'm looking at a 20,000sqft lawn bid and was wondering what to charge....

    Lost Pine
  2. mdlwn1

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    Dude...if you want a serious response...walk us through like a foot ball pregame plan. Are you gonna throw seed "over" a lawn and then drive away? Are you fixing the lawn....are you improving it?...are you gonna make it grow too? Are you gonna help them take care of it?...Do YOU know how to take care of it?
  3. Lost Pine

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    Well, I didn't want to get into the details and write a entire essay on the subject. Just giving you the short version. THe customer does most of his own lawn care...BUT the question remains without answering all the other questions, what is the appoximate going rate...

  4. mdlwn1

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  5. robtown

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    charge him $20 bucks plus seed cost. you will be in and out of there in 10 minutes. just take an old bag of seed out of the trunk of your car and through it around by hand .... i wouldnt even waste time broadcasting it plus it wont fit in the back seat.
    make sure you write your name on an index card and have him referr you to all of his friends.
  6. Turboguy

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    Lost Pine,

    I think what everyone is trying to say is that the information you have provided is a little to skimpy to try to help you. Without spending a lot of time, overseeding could be taking a spin spreader and walking over the lawn. On the other hand it could involve dealing with weed issues, doing a soil test and determining what was needed to improve the soil, cropping the grass short, dethatching, loosening the soil, going over that with a slit seeder, top dressing that with compost or mulch, etc.

    Figure the cost of your materials, ie, seed, 100-150 pounds at lets say $ 100.00 per 50 pound bag.

    Figure rental of any equipment, lets say a slit seeder for $ 200.00 +/-

    Figure your time at whatever it is worth to you. Lets say $ 50.00 an hour.

    Figure whatever you want to make on the job.

    If I do my math on those numbers I would probably be thinking in the $ 800-1000 range maybe more or less depending on how busy I was and how hungry I was.
  7. Lost Pine

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    W O W ! Aditude ! Well I guess the fact that you have almost 800 posts in about 2 years says it all.....:laugh:

    Lost Pine

  8. Lost Pine

    Lost Pine LawnSite Member
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    THank you so much for taking the time out to explain...It was a simple question(I thought). The reason that I didn't get into all that was that the owner takes excellent care of the lawn himself...He just didn't want to overseed it himself...I would basically be pulling up with a slitseeder and putting down seed, as requested by the owner.

    Thanks !


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