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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnbgone, Jul 15, 2003.

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    My son and I have been successful , thus far, doing small 1/4 acre lots and smaller. The opportunity to land a commercial funeral home's property, scares us. What kind of insurance does the funeral home have? Will their policy cover us in the event of an accident, or is this something we must carry.Another question?
    How do we estimate our time? Thanks in advance for any advice and info.
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    I think carrying your own insurance would be the smartest choice. As far as estimating your time, ask if they would allow you to do the job first, then calculate your time, equiptment usage etc. and give them a fair price without hanging yourself out to dry.
    Best of luck
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    Matters not what someone else has/doesn't have for insurance, you must buy your own, contractor liability type at least.

    You've been doing some properties, use those as a gauge for size and time. Probably extra time involved with more trimming & edging. Commercial property of any type is always priced at a higher rate than residential.
    Need to know up front also about scheduling. Funeral home probably has some specific needs there, won't be able to mow while they are conducting services.

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