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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by chrisexv6, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. chrisexv6

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    I have a small yard (.5 acres) with very few little nooks for leaves to hide, but I was thinking about picking up a backpack blower mainly to blow off the leaves that do get stuck, and the sidewalks and driveway after I cut the grass.

    A backpack blower might seem like overkill, but I hate holding onto handhelds for very long, and electric is out of the question (I have one now, hate the whole extension cord bs).

    Lowes has a couple Husky models, the 125 and 145. I was thinking about the 125 because I dont need all the power of the 145.

    Are Husky backpacks any good? If not, what else should I look for? I see RedMax suggested a lot, but dont think I would use any blower enough that it couldnt last for years with proper maintenance.

  2. bderks

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    I don't know much about the Husky line, but I have an Echo PB-46HT which is an excellent unit. This is my second Echo - the first one lasted over 10 years of heavy use, until it was ready to throw the rod. (It was about the same price for a new one vs. fixing).

    Instead of raking, I usually just blow all of the leaves on my lawn (1 acre) into the creek behind the house. Works great, and takes all of 20 minutes. Sure beats raking. It's powerful enough to blow all of the leaves of of all the landscaping as well. Also making clean up a snap after mowing. I believe I paid about $220 for it.

    Hope this helps,
  3. gogetter

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    Chris, check out ebay. And look for Poulan Pro backpacks. You can get them a good bit cheaper then in stores and they are new and have warranties.

    Whatever way you decide to go, make sure you look at the size of the engine!
    There are backpack blowers that are nothing more then a handheld blower mounted on a bp. They have little weak 25cc engines and are a waste of money.
    I see too many people buy these JUST to have a "backpack blower".

    My Poulan Pros are 40cc and ran me about $225 each shipped. The ones I see on eBay now are like $260 + shipping. They are the same size engines, but they are a bit different looking then the ones I bought a couple few years ago. These are plenty powerful for what you need and affordable.

    Mine were used commercially, and still run great. They will last a homeowner many years.

    P.S. I'm selling mine, if you're interested PM me. Nothing wrong with it, just moving up in power. It will be more then enough for your yard.
  4. kemmer

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    Look into the redmax EBZ5000, ive seen some homeowners with them and the seem to like them. IDK how much they cost tho.
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    A stihl handheld bg55 blower has more power than the homeowner backpack blowers and it is stihl's bottom of the line blower. Our price is $149.00. Just picked one up for $125.00 during a promotion.
    The bg55 even outperforms the echo pb403 backpack which sells for $300.00

    Look around, I know handhelds can be a pain but why spend money on something that will not perform?
  6. Travis Followell

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    The Husky blowers are good quality blowers that should last you many years. You may also want to check out Echo and Stihl.Look at their smaller units because what you will beusing it for you don't need a really big blower.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Just stay away from the Homelite junk. You should be fine with any of the commercial lines of blowers that have been mentioned above. For your lot as you describe it, you don't need the top of the line model.
  8. Tevi

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    Husquvarna is a repackaged Kawasaki I recomend a Redmax or Stihl.Others are good but the vibration level is better on those

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Check out the RedMax 8000 this girl realy blows the most air you can get out of a blower some where around 980 cfm 209 mph. Got trash in the yard she will get rid of it, pestey kids throwing bricks in your drive this one will just push them back too their own yard.

    Yep she is the MAC DADDY OF THE BLOWERS. :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin payup
  10. Critical Care

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    Basically... like what Hoolie said, if you go with one of the commercial brands that most of the guys use in the industry you'll be okay. And like you, I'd rather carry the blower on my back rather than in my hand, but I've used both - including using the BG55.

    Things to consider... In case you have conifers on your property, pine needles in grass take more "umph" to blow than decidious leaves. And, it doesn't take much to blow leaves off of driveways but getting leaves out of flower beds and shrubs can be beyond what a little peanut whistle can do.

    It sounds as if in your case you don't need the hyper 1200 cc flame injected dual carb nitro backpack blower. So if i were you, I'd look for a good deal on a clean used professional model. Oh, and buy some earplugs. Ey? Did you say earslugs?

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