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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by LouisianaZJ, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. LouisianaZJ

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    OK, why do these construction workers in my area insist on parking in front of every house except the one they are actually working on. I would not mind so much if they actually knew how to park on the cement portion, but they insist on hopping the wheels up onto the grass and make divets.
    The breaking point was when a couple weeks ago an 18wheeler delivering sand/dirt drove across the lawn and broke/cracked the first 5' of my sidewalk.
    I could not prove it was them, since I did not actually see it, so I was SOL unless I wanted to spend more time and energy to get them to fix it.

    I already talked to the head guy, and said he would try to make sure it did not happen again.

  2. olderthandirt

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    The reson they don't park in front of the house there working on is becuase of delieverys. Its not like they want to walk to work. lol
    If your in a development then the only way a 18 wheeler truck could break your sidewalk is if there working on the house next door, and if they are just find the supt. for the development and I'm sure they will fix your sidewalk unless you go in ranting. I've broke a sidewalk getting top-soil and the supt. fixed it free, when they finish a rd. they go back and fix all concrete work that needs fixing. At least thats the way it works around here.

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    My next door neighbor did this to his lawn. he put 2x4 studs in his front lawn with nail sticking out of one side. He had two construction workers run over them. Since then no construction workers even come close to his curbside.
  4. olderthandirt

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    You don't want to make those guys mad. You might wake upto a concrete truck parked in front of your drive for a few days or a back hoe looking for a gas line in the front yd. All those guys want to do is there job and go home
  5. aries

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    I ditto that not fare to do that to someone, maybe people like that should experience working with their hands and see how it is to earn a buck were just trying to make a living! to trying to make yours miserable!!! sorry but that is just not fare!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry:
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    I just ended up fixing that crap myself. Actually, it is a cement walkway upto the front door with a brick overlay (w/mortar) and they broke the bricks apart. I just ended up taking apart the broken section and redoing them. Took about a day.

    There is a difference between just trying to get a job done, which I can understand, and being rude. I could care less if they parked out front, just not on the front lawn.

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