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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by c_anfossi, Mar 1, 2001.

  1. c_anfossi

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    Can someone please tell me what I should include on a residential contract? Also the layout or send me a sample contract. Typing it out on my company's letter head is fine? Thanks Chris
  2. Runner

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    We never used contracts for residentials. There is nothing there that is solid enough to stand up to anything that a verbal contract would not enact. If the work is done, in a workmanlike manner, and you have previous invoices for the property that state the price, the judge is very VERY likely to rule in your favor. On the other hand, if the resident no longer wants future use of your service, hey, you don't go back on the property! No written contract is going to change that. I guess you can write out a little "contract" to let them know what they will be getting, and for how much, but as I say, once the price is established, as in the estimate, then it's all the same-even as a verbal agreement.
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    The one I have is very basic and simple, but like you I wish I knew more. What someone told me was to first ask myself what type of services do I provide, and do my customers know about all of them. So you know what to include
  4. TJLC

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    Commerical properties, yes, written contracts. Residential properties, like pulling teeth down here to get them to sign anything. Verbal agreements seem to work ok. If it doesn't work out, walk away.
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    In my country, I mean county (Nassau, Long Island) you need a contract to be legal for the Dept. of consumer affairs from which you also need a home improvement license. You also need a contract if you are applying anything as a certified pest. applicator for DEC regs.

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