Residential Equipment vs. Commercial Equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Splicer, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Splicer

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    Since I am being heckled here for running "Crapman and Ryobi" (said seriously;) ) equipment and therefore I must be a "professional" (said sarcastically:rolleyes: ) and it got me thinking (I good can come from that activity) about my Ryobi and 'Crapman' equipment and just how tough they really are or aren't for use in this field (field meaning lawn care/landscaping field NOT a 'field' like where pastures are)...

    The way I see it it all boils down to this: yesterdays residential equipment is todays commercial equipment...meaning that 10 years ago residential equipment was built tougher than todays residential as was the deal with commercial equipment. Therefore the more robustly built residential equip of 10 years ago equates to the approximate build quality of commercial today...

    I have taken care of my equipment (the oldest is 17 years old the newest is 8 years) maintaining as required and all of it works equally as well as the same device wearing the commercial brand of today in my honest opinion.

    Now I know I can't exactly compare the nimbleness of a Z to my GT...Can't be done...But I can compare the quality of the cut itself, that (to me) being the most important factor of a mower...nimbleness comes in a close second...but the cut itself, again, to me, (actually my customers as well) the cut quality does not suffer one iota...but my Ryobi with all the attachments keeps up with the commercial stuff with 8 years I haven't even changed the plug...doesn't need it to be changed...Fires 3 rd pull every time without fail when starting 1st time for the day...1st pull the rest of the day...unless its set for awhile and then it is 2 friggin clockwork. I use this 1 motor for all these attachments: the blower isn't a 200+MPH version...I think it is 145MPH maximum but thats does exactly what I need to do...reliably...the edger works well as does the snow thrower for sidewalks and walkways...the straight shaft 18" .095 dual feed trimmer just goes through anything just about and what the string trimmer won't cut, the brush cutter gets easily...and in 8 years know what I have had to fix??? I just yesterday replaced the primer bulb cause the old one split I guess from 8 heavy years of use...thats it...I run the proper fuel mix and no problems in all this time:cool2: .

    So what say ye??? Agree or not???:usflag:
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    Back in the day when I originally started.. I had a Homelite trimmer and blower. I was maintaining approx. 60 yards a week.. The trimmer lasted maybe a week. Burnt the clutch in it. The blower on the otherhand lasted a long time.. Reason I went and bought a Shindawia Blower and used the homelite as back-up. But it sat for so long, I couldnt get it started..If the manufacturers find out your using personal use equiptment as Commercial. They will not warranty it when it breaks.

    Save some money and buy commercial stuff.. You wont regret it.

    oh Disagree with this statement
    The way I see it it all boils down to this: yesterdays residential equipment is todays commercial equipment...meaning that 10 years ago residential equipment was built tougher than todays residential as was the deal with commercial equipment. Therefore the more robustly built residential equip of 10 years ago equates to the approximate build quality of commercial today...

  3. Splicer

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    So you think that commercial equipment of today is built as robustly as it was 10 years ago???
  4. Scotts' Yard Care

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    works for you is the way to go:drinkup: From the sound of it some people abuse their equipment so badly that only the heaviest commercial equipment would hold up for them. I knew an older guy who did acreages with a Roper
    16hp garden tractor dating to probably the mid 70s or older and it was working great in the late 80s when I saw it. He towed this little tractor behind his pickup by winching the front wheels off the ground and attaching it to the bumper hitch:laugh: Roper built Craftsman for many years though I don't know when they were absorbed by buy outs. I like a commercial Z just because they're so fast and smooth for what we do. We have an 18hp Craftsman tractor that has seen nothing but the worst of conditions doing heavy weed mowing, light grading and rototilling. We have somewhere around 500 hrs on it with very little maintenance. Belts, one spindle and an electric clutch. I washed the tractor for years and very well could have shorted it out one time or another.
  5. gunner27

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    I know this quote was not directed at me, but yes!!!! Some of the same models of trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc. are still available now. If craftsmen works for you, great! BUT, it is not commercial grade. And their is a differance between Craftsmen power equipment and true commercial grade equipment.
  6. Splicer

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    Oh I agree there is a difference...but my Craftsman has the exact same motor that many of your commercial Z's have with heavy duty ground engaging Hydro that I know is tougher than most Z hydros...

    My Lawn Boy is technicly classified as a resdential model yet the ONLY differences between the commercial version and the residential is the commercial had/has grease zerk steel wheels and a 1 gallon fuel tank...The engine is the exact same engine, the deck is the exact same deck, and the blade is the exact same blade...Now why would I spend twice the amount for a model that says commercial on the deck when my residential model states it has a "Commercial Engine"??? Where do I save money then? Lawn Boys of today do not feature the same powerful, dependable 2 stroke engines or the cast aluminum staggered wheel deck.
  7. Palmer'sLS

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    are the lawn-boys a pretty decent mower?...howbout the cut? thanks
  8. Splicer

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    I highly recommend Lawn Boy...Here is my LB and a yard he had just cut:


    The Doctors House.jpg
  9. mulcahy mowing

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    i have a "crapsmen" tractor. I don't cut with it it has a blade on it for landscape jobs and lawn repairs. it's a monster when i comes to pushing and when your plowing anything dirt snow leaf piles.. it dose it all.
  10. LALawnboy

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    i've got to second that on lawnboys...i have an older silverpro that i've used for a while and just bought an 06 commercial lawnboy. the thing i like the best about the commercial vs. the silverpro are as follows: 3 speed transmission (even in 2nd gear it seems to go faster than the silverpro), the 1 gallon fuel tank is definitely a plus, just last weekend, i did 13 yards on one full tank and it still has gas in it. time is money, so not having to stop and refill the mower every so often definitely helps. i've always loved the lawnboy 2 cycles. however, the new commercial came with a 4 cycle briggs and i honestly can't find anything bad about it. the engine is definitely quieter than the duraforce and can power through a lot heavier stuff. on top of that, when i was looking into getting the commercial lawnboy, i also looked at the toros (which were about 500-600 more) and the main complaint i had about them was no side discharge, it had to be purchased seperately. when the yard allows me to, i like to side discharge, and the lawnboy allows me to do just that. plus, it can mulch and bag as well, so i think i made out great with this new lawnboy. on top of that, who can beat the lawnboy green? lol


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