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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Denlinger326, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I live in a city of 25k so it doesn't take long to get anywhere. I have a minimum of $20. My average is probably 30. I get at least $1/minute on the jobs. They are all 1000-15000 square foot lawns.
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    Prices are VERY regional. Quote a 10K lawn here for anything more than $25 and you will get laughed all the way back to your truck. We start a new 2 acre lawn we just picked up tomorrow. We are charging $60. It is a few houses down from where we already cut 7 others. Those 7 are all .5 to 1 acre and we charge them $30 to $45 (different sizes and degrees of difficulty). The reason our prices here are so low is because we are right between Baltimore and washington DC and this area is absolutely inundated with trucks full of illegals working daylight to dark for $10 or less an hour. They make there money by doing lawns in high volume. There are so many commercial crews here you could literally have a new crew cut your lawn every day of the week for an entire year maybe more. I can not travel down any road without passing at least one crew and most times 2 or 3 crews in a matter of 2 or 3 miles. So you have to figure out what the going rate in YOUR area is and base your pricing off of that.

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    Lol at doing 2 acres for $60.00. This is horrible advice. It is a good idea to know competitive rates but you base price on your,operating costs & goals.
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    At that price and set of circumstances, I would go to school to become an border patrol agent in your area. It seems like you would have your work cut out for you. Before someone that doesn't know responds, they have Border patrol agents all over Baton Rouge.

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    Right terrible advice after being in business full time for 30 years. Yup it clearly does not work. If we priced lawns like some of you claim we should then we would be out of business in no time flat. I would bet money if the new customer wanted they could get somebody to do it for $45. They would get another crew that would show up with 4 guys. 2 or 3 on 60" zero turns and 1 or two trimming and blowing off. They would cut the 2 acre lawn and be done in 20 minutes flat for $45. Like I said the crews here make there money in volume. Make a little less on each lawn but work daylight to dark and knock out 40 lawns a day.

    Like I said you have to price for your area. Come here with those high prices and you would never get any work.
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    1.89 acres according to the tax assessments I just looked at . He told me today the previous guy had been doing it for 15 years and had been having a lot of life issues in the last year (brother dieing right now and he is going to have to pay for the funeral etc etc) and he did not want to drop him when he is down but his wife has had enough. It was DEEP today. Absolutely full of crabgrass and he told me it has not been cut in a little over 3 weeks. I cut it at 4 3/4 and took my time. Took me 1hr and 10 minutes. Another 1 to 2 cuts and I will have it down to a normal height and will be able to blast through it in 35 to 40 minutes. He said his neighbor will probably have us start on her lawn soon.

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    Prostreet, your area is a hard one. That county is being flooded with illegals. Its hard to compete with them when there are 10 adults living in one house with 10 incomes.

    Prices are pretty interesting to compare, its kinda neat to see where everyone is at. 12,000 sq ft lots for me are at $35.
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    I don't just mow and go so I am sure it will effect my price but my minimum price of my current accounts is $ 50.00 at 12000 square feet . With most of my lawns being about $ 80.00-105.00 a week and averaging 3/4-1 acre.
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    Finally somebody here that knows how our situation is here. I know guys here think we are crazy when I mention the prices we charge but every time we decide to stick to our guns and try to get a little higher price we NEVER get the job. These ultra low prices are not reflected in these guys work either. They do a darn fine job for such cheap prices. I mean they roll up in quad cab F-550 stake body with 20' enclosed and 4 or 5 jump out and knock lawns out silly fast. You very rarely ever see a white guy doing lawn care around here.

    Where are you located? All of our work is in montgomery county.

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