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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Denlinger326, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I just picked up another $30 cut today. I was mowing a new client on Wednesday and someone from across the street came over and asked me to go look at their lot and drop a price in the mailbox.

    It will take about 15 minutes to do by myself start to finish with a 21" - mow, trim, blow. No travel time since it's across from the other job.

    I'm really digging these little city jobs.
    I've been taking pics. I'll have to sort them out and post them up one day.
  2. Liberty Lawnworks

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    Your area sounds a lot like mine does as far as pricing goes, although there aren't many illegals in the nicer suburbs of Columbus (actually there are, but they're all working for Brickman, etc. and don't go out on their own).

    These "I won't drop my gate for less than $50" would starve to death here because nobody is getting those kinds of prices for small 1/5 acre lots. It's the internet, so people can be whoever they want to be, but I bet you'd be surprised at what people are actually charging vs. what they would like to be charging.
  3. Liberty Lawnworks

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    Those are my favorite types of lawns to cut. I use a 21" 2-cycle Lawn-Boy to do several of my $30 lots. I have a few that are grouped together, so they are VERY profitable to cut with a mower that I bought for $30 (actually I have eight of them :laugh:), as I'm not putting hours on my primary mower.

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    Wait, been in business 30 years and cant even cover your mortage?? Its because you lowball and work for pennies just because you cant sell yourself properly all you can offer is low price that is business pitch for a product business not for a service business.

    Seriouslyif you have owned a business for 30+ still mow residentials gmfor dirt cheap and cant even cover a mortage your a joke and I hope no one takes you seriously.
  5. coolluv

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    You sir have a huge set of balls. I would never have even thought of taking that machine on that slope. Walk behind only....and probably backwords.

    Your a lucky man.

  6. coolluv

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    Its amazing what some will work for. If prices were that low in my area I would find another line of work. Don't forget...those illegals are a boon to the economy. just ask the Dems.

  7. ProStreetCamaro

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    Go **** yourself. You have no clue how it is in other areas. Don't forget you live in ultra cheap N.C. compared to where I live in one of the most expensive areas in the entire country to live. Our mortgage is just shy of $4,000 a month BTW. To cover all our bills I would have to CLEAR $6500 a month. Not happening in the lawn business. Not around here anyway. And for your information we have tried many times to come in at higher prices and we have never once been able to pick anybody up at those higher prices. All we ever hear is "The other company quoted $20 so I am going with them". My father has been able to pay his bills by doing this work because there mortgage is a whopping $1,400 a month. If mine was $3000 a month or less then yes I would be able to cover it but its not. I wanted a large property and my wife wanted a very nice house. Combine the two in this expensive area and you are paying $600,000 to 1.5 million for a home.

    Here you go. Here is the homes for sale in my zip code. Scroll down on the right and find the one for $925,000 on roxmill CT. That is my neighbor 2 houses over. I am in the dead center of the court.

    People don't care. 95% of the people only get somebody because they dont feel like doing it themselves for various reasons. Everybody here thinks it is because they want a professional quality job. For a few that is the case. For the majority it is not. We don't lose out on bids due to poor work. Every lawn we take care of we make it a game to try and make our lawns look better than any around them. It makes no difference around here. Most people go strictly on price. Even our own customers we have had for 20 years have told us they get guys coming up to them in the spring and telling them $20 even though they didn't ask for a price. Our prices were higher 20 years ago than they are now. That is how ruthless it has gotten around here. One day I am going to record our route so you guys can watch the video and witness how many lawn care trucks we pass on the road every day. Many days it if 15 to 20+ in a couple mile route.

    So don't go bashing me about something you clearly have no clue about.
  8. coolluv

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    I'm curious as to what services you offer. Are you just a mow, blow and go?

  9. smallstripesnc

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    In my area prices are all over the place. There's tons of competition and you see rigs from a beatup pickup truck with a few push mowers in the back to the big rigs with a brand new dually hauling a 16ft+ trailer loaded with equipment. Most of my lawns are around the $30 range and I have a select few that pay more because of a difficult property. My new minimum is $35 and I think that's fair for the quality of my work. I've learned that I don't want to people searching for a deal because as soon as a new deal comes along they'll jump on it and tell me to take a hike unless I can do their lawn for $20 lol.
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    Well, you guys have done a pretty good job of explaining the state of lawn care 2013.
    Prices are flat, costs are through the roof, and the market is oversaturated.
    I can't imagine being 23 and thinking, "Hey, I'll start a lawn biz!"
    The streets are full people hauling lawn equipment with vehicles of all types. SUV's, caddies, push mowers in the trunk, hell, we even have an old guy who uses his JD lawn tractor to pull a tiny trailer around.
    Good luck, everyone.

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