residential or estate?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jul 30, 2001.

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    i was just wondering. at what point do we go from calling a residence an estate? is it that there is massive acreage? or is it the use of that acreage? is it the size of the house? or the value of the house? i wonder sometimes when i go to these houses. not that it matters, for me its just a status thing. but i wonder, what an estate is to you guys, as opposed to just a regular residence.
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    I would have to say that the lot size of mowable turf should be larger than 20m/sf. However it should also accomodate extensive landscaping and other features that will set it apart from the other homes in an area.

    When we drive past 3 acre and larger size properties for cutting in the country we dont classify them as "Estates". If they have statueary, fountains, rock gardens, hardscaping etc. that sets that home apart from the crowd then IMHO they are an "Estate".

    I think it should be for those whom have elaborated their properties. I do not believe that it has anything to do specifically with their home. And no the best Landscaped Shanties dont count in my book - LOL!!! :laugh:

    Hope this is what yeuz was luukin' fer.:)
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    My thoughts would be a very large home, large acreage of lawn and landscaping, pool, tennis court, many other buildings. It would also need to have a very nice stone wall around the entire property.Oh Wow thats where I would like to live!!!!:D
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    I think it could go 2 ways. Very large house with large acres. Or even very large house and small yard, but both have to be meticulous, and very well landscaped. But mostly like the pictures on Eric's web site. I'd say most of his are estates. You know how Eric is, only the best. LOL! Now if only we could get him to switch to the Hustler Super Z? Hmmmmm.........
  5. HOMER

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    Do bird baths in the middle of a 20,000 sg ft lawn count? I mow a bunch of them estates! What about pickaninnys? We are in the south ya know.
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    yeah, i think we are on the right track here. however i believe that use of the land also counts for something. cause CK's partner over here has 1000 acres. there is noplace bigger over here. the house when finished will be worth 26 million dollars. no land. however it is a farm. they spent 3.1 million dollars on landscaping just around the house. and its a farm. cause they breed horses there. now if you go down county here by where the city is. you dont need much land, but the quality of the house has to be there. and the gardens must be well kept.
  7. KutnKru

    what are you doing driving by them, those are the ones you should be mowing (good advice don't take it the wrong way)

    Any ways every house is classified as an estate

    when you die the lawyers take 33% of your estate

    I think when a hose is worth more than a million it becomes an estate. at least he in MO.

  8. hubb

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    estate; From the french word 'estat' meaning "The condition in which someone lives".

    1. rural property with a residence: an area of rural, privately owned property that includes a large residence

    3. property of a dead or bankrupt person: the assets and liabilities of somebody who is dead or bankrupt

    4. somebody's overall situation: the circumstances, period, or condition in which somebody lives


    This is all according to MSN Encarta. I guess you can call anything an estate as long as someone lives there and its not in the heart of the city.
  9. lawnboy82

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    hubb, i think you know what i am talking about. :rolleyes:
  10. Guido

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    an estate is just your land and house and adjoining properties, etc. Its what you own that is real and sitting there.

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