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residential prices near stl, mo.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lindenwoodbil2013, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. lindenwoodbil2013

    lindenwoodbil2013 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 113

    I cut my neighbors grass and usually she doesn't want trimming for around $20. The other guy did the whole yard for $28 when I was doing it for $40 before I took the big hit on price. She does the front yard herself to save money and usually I only have to cut the side and back and rarely trim the weeds along the lake.

    I was doing my neighbors part time for $25 per cut but she said I could do it indefinitely if I did the trim, blow, cut, (no edging) for $20.

    With the high school kids doing everything for 15-20 and some people doing it for even 10 it is sometimes hard to make a buck and I just bought an echo trimmer for $212+ after tax with speed feed and I'm looking for a cheap used echo blower that runs good.

    The other guy that does my grandpa's house now says his minimum charge is around 40. I would lose at least 4 jobs if I told them 40.

    For the houses that are 20 per cut would you charge at least, 5%fuel surcharge, materials plus at least $10 labor since I put down two bags but I was already cutting so just spread the fert afterwards. I charged the two commercial accounts 30 to put down one 7.99 bag before tax but I didn't have to use fuel to pick the bags up bcus my grandpa took me to pick up 5 bags weed&feed.

    I do a full service in another house for $20 each visit, but I put down 2 bags of weed and feed for 7.99 each before tax (what would you add to the monthly bill for 4 cuttings at $80 to pay for the 2 bags of fert I put down last time I cut?)
    Since the prices are already so low I figure I can't charge mulch for mulching or avg 4-6 fert per year including liming.

    I charged my other customer for 8 bags of cedar mulch or so and he paid for the materials of 2 small bags fert plus $25 labor but last time he have me 20 for cutting to give him a break but usually they pay 25 but he was nice and have me a $25+cash bonus at the end of last season.

    do you ever let the residential customers set the prices based on what they can afford and I have a couple of jobs that make up for the lower priced ones.
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  2. andersman02

    andersman02 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 573

    Guessing you may not get too much help... Ill throw you a bone.

    We never let a customer talk us down on price. or minimum is $35.00 plus tax. We mow a yard that takes 7 minutes and still charge $35.00.

    If you start changing your pricing based on what they can afford youll be running around town for $20 which I wouldn't get out of bed for, even 20 of those $20/yard places.

    Remember,your name is on the yard. When you don't trim/blow/mow everything. It doesn't look like the customer is just trying to save $$ it looks like you are doing a very crappy job.

    People ask us all the time if the price include trimming and blowing, I usually have hold back my laughter.

    As for the equipment, you HAVE to raise your prices to cover your costs, labor and one thing that many fly by night guys dont get, EQUIPMENT. I had to drop around $500 last week and $400 the week before, did I care? not really as my price allows us to fix things or get new things ASAP if something goes down. Do you think Mrs. Johnson will care if you say her lawn will have to wait a week because your mowing blew a spindle?
  3. F4rm3rj03

    F4rm3rj03 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 362

    Consider these words of wisdom: "I can go out of business on my own I don't need your help."
    Let them go to someone else if they don't want to pay a reasonable price. The additional time gained can be applied toward acquiring clients who will pay proper. You're not a welfare agency but after profit, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. Anything less than that is degrading - Don't contract skin cancer for pennies.

    Frustrating indeed but like dating the breakups get easier the more you date and gain experience.

    Live and learn.

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