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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by walkermt26, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. walkermt26

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    when you quote commercial properties do you charge them the same as you would a residential . and how much if so do you tack onto the commercial pricing?
  2. tinman

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    I do mostly residential so hard to say. Lots of details to consider. Commercial properties may be year round service so that means more money overall.
  3. ryde307

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    Most commercial have there own guidlines and contracts. So depends on what those ask for but otherwise its similair. You are doing the same thing in the end. We base pricing based on time material and so on so large or small similair idea. Not sure if thats what your asking or not.
  4. ed2hess

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    The hourly rate for commerical is lower than residential. Prices are set by the big companies on on resturants, hotels, and apt type properties. The advantage is yearly income and work and usually in good times a lot of extra stuff. As an example we got to bid on cleaning up a holding pond that will run around $2K.
  5. LB1234

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    what's the question????

    doesn't make any sense to me. Commercial could be anything from a 50 unit condo complex to a little house on a 100x100 lot that the attorney uses as his office. So the answer for me would be
  6. Doug and Sons

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    I'm basically starting out myself and everyone tells me the same thing, and that is, there is no specific formula for bidding on commercial jobs. It all comes down to how much do you wanna make on the job? Some people call a guy a low-baller if his overhead is next to nothing compared to others and he bids alot less than others. If you have 3 crews of 3 guys and are paying taxes, insurance, workman's comp., etc., then it would be dumb to bid so low that you can't make any money. If you are on your own and you have the equipment to do the job, then it's only about how much you want to make. Everyone bids different because everyone's situation is different, ya know?
  7. milkie62

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    In my book there is no such thing as a low baller.If I am insured and pay taxes and am a part-timer and do not have to worry about about health care and retirement since I get them from my primary job I most certainly can work for less per hour.I shoot for $45/hr but depending on the job go down to $30/hr if I really want the job.
  8. bohiaa

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    the reason people think you get paid more for commerical accounts is because you have to factor in delays.... depending on what type of Business it is, is how many delays you will have.....

    we have several fast food restrunts where the delay factor is factored in.

    as too, we know there are going to be people and cars going through the doors and drive through, you MUST STOP what your doing while this happens. the liabilaty on this is HUGE.... of corse we provide service to them durring the less active times.

    while bidding I will look at But we have less foot traffic. arriving around 10:00 AM most people are checked out and gone. and it's too early for people looking for a room.

    Office buildings you will want to stay away from then durring arrival time lunch and going home time....

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