Residential Toro, is it tuff enough for this job?

Discussion in 'Toro' started by Mahditkd, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Our construction company has a 22 acre land, and also we have on average 3-4 houses that usually needs to be cut. I been really looking to get some kind of commercial ZTR, which I know will be better and tougher, but currently with the way the economy is, my company cannot dish out $5-8K on a mower. So I was thinking about the TORO TimeCutter Z5060 ( My only concern is the toughness of the TimeCutter, because sometimes on the 22 acre land, the grass and the weeds get pretty high, and I don't want something that is going to keep breaking down on us.

    Also what is a good price on these?

    Thanks everybody for all help!
  2. The Toro Company

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    Thanks for your email. Given the amount of turf you are mowing and the heavy conditions faced on the 22 acre property we would strongly suggest that you consider purchasing one of the entry level Toro Z Master commercial models (74448, 74449, 74291 or 74292). The Toro TimeCutter 5060 is a great machine for single-family residential applications, but your application really demands a commercial-grade machine. The entry Z Master models have a 2 year commercial warranty, a significantly longer design life, commercial engines and drive train, deeper and stronger decks, larger tires, more comfortable seats, run at faster ground speeds, have significantly greater fuel capacity and several other features that will allow your company to get the job done faster with less downtime. Certainly we understand that dollars are tight these days, but long-term we are concerned you wouldn't be satisfied if you purchased a large acreage residential mower. To help lower monthly payments and extend cash flow Toro offers very aggressive retail finance packages to qualified buyers. Currently we are running 0% for 36 mos.

    Thanks again for your inquiry and we hope you find a suitable mower for your company.

    The Toro Company
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    While I believe that Toro is correct - you'll be better off with a commercial unit I think you need a full all out commercial unit rather than a tween unit. That said, I have a Z4200 Timecutter unit and use it to cut 16 acres - often times the grassy weedy field is 2 feet tall where the grass is nice. The balance is somewhat thin and the Z4200 with 18HP Kohler engine cuts through it like a hot knofe through butter when the blades are fairly sharp. I believe that for your conditions and the current money crisis you can't go wrong with the unit you are looking at. I will suggest you think about the Recycler kit as an add on. Mine works GREAT even in most of the taller weedy grassy field combinations.

    BTW - I'm cutting empty lots as you are along with good sodded and well maintained areas too.

    While I wish (for comfort etc) that i had a commercial unit I do not regret the purchase and I do not feel that it is undersized or being run into the ground. Mine is a 2007 model and has more use than you can imagine on it. When I first got it I was cutting about 24 acres. 16 or so weekly.
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    I'm looking at a Titan or possibly a 400 series, both with the 48" deck. I don't know if I want to spend the difference in money, but either would be a better choice for this application than a Timecutter.

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