Residential vs Commercial Pricing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jimmbo407, Jun 21, 2005.

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    I have been in the business for only two years. Right now I mow only residential properties with a 36 Ex-mark Metro. I want to upgrade and start bidding on commercial property for the next season and have some questions.
    * What types of things should I have in a contract thats different from residential customers?
    * How much insurance should I have?
    * How much does appearance help IE: uniforms, enclosed trailers, equipment cleanliness?
    * And most importantly how do I price? The same as residential (I try to get $40.00/man hour.) or do I try for more and have a residential price list and a commercial price list?

    I just don't know if paying for new bigger equipment and possibly hiring employees will be worth it or if I should just stay a one man show with small accounts.

    Thanks for any input anyone has. :)
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    I also have a 36 metro. I have 3 commercial accounts, with one of them being quite large. The large one takes me about an hour and 15 min.(I am a solo bus.) and I charge $75, which is pretty good. The other two take me about 20 min a peice and I get $25 a peice. I do not have a "uniform" as of yet, but I try to keep my equipment and myself relatively clean. I am also going to invest in a new 54 lesco wb next year. hope this helps some. forgot to add, I use the contract from GroundsKeeper.

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