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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nitroman, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Just venting here and I'm curious what some of your thoughts are on building your client list(strictly in regards to turf apps). I am beginning to love the residential market more and more. They call you, it's an easy sale, their loyal, and if you think about it it's more profitable. That is if you have a lot of accounts in a small area, your charging much more per 1k than larger properties. Granted your on a 10 acre working not driving but still.

    Commercial market just seems more exhausting with boards making decisions, everyone in town calling them, and always looking for the cheapest price. Don't get me wrong I have apartments and condos that are life long customers but those as we know are rare.
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    Commercial accounts in my opinion are very slow paying. And not all they go for the cheapest bid not quality :waving::waving:
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    Sorry posted in wrong thread.

    I wouldn't base my apps on commercial work. It could come and go. It is good for cash flow.

    Like you said residential is loyal and you will be able to upsale as you prove yourself. Plus. Get enough neighbors without having to move and its a gold mine
  4. Nitroman

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    Amen guys! I've knocked out $600 profit over several accounts in less than 3hours with out moving the truck. Rare when that happens but nice.

    God speed

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