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  1. skurkp

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    Bid on a job last Friday for a man who had a small lot on a golf course. There was probably 15 min of mowing, 15 min of line trimming, 10 min of blowing, he had though a lot of beds that he wanted cleaned every visit and the shrubs trimmed. This would have taken 20 - 45 min each trip. He want to be service 42 times per year, my price was $35, he told me that he had gotten bids on the same work for $15. I told him he had better jump on them because bed work takes time and he had more bed work than lawn work. Was I too high on my price?
  2. Pro-Scapes

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    I dont think you were too high. Maybe a tad low. I could see some guys doing the lawn for 15 tho. My parents pay roughly 10-12.50 per cut all summer long. Guy charges them 50 per month but does like 9 on same st and 120 accts within 2 miles but the beds cost them more and I just trimmed the shrubs when I was down there.
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    Make sure you leave your card with him...... Tell him to hold onto it and give you a call in a few weeks.

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    35 For The Cut And 45 For The Weeds! And Get It On A Contract....this Guy Is A Shopper. Somebody Said Here Once.....buyers Are Liars........he Probably Would Fight You About The 15 Bucks When It Was Time To Pay Forget Him If He Dont Want A Contract.
  5. skurkp

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    I knew up front that he was shopping, when he stopped and asked me to come and look at this property he also asked the guys mowing just a few houses down the block. I did not give a cheap price just because, that was my price if I was guaranteed the job.
  6. TurfProSTL

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    You were low unless you mow an adjoining neighbor. $40-50 if your estimates of time are correct.
  7. bossy boots

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    Too funny .... they all know someone who will do it for $15.00 but it seems that $15.00 guy is never to be seen !!!
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    You should have asked if he was looking for a better price than $15, and if not why he didnt go with that bid.

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