RESOD ALL or just bare areas???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ALittleOffheTOP, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. ALittleOffheTOP

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    Out of State Customer has a rental property in a sub division.

    Homeowners Association has sent letters about the front lawn.

    The grass is growing great where ever there is grass.

    The lawn has spots where nothing is growing. no roots , nothing just florida


    Pretty big front lawn area but customer is limited on budget.

    I'm thinking Resod the bare areas and leaving the good stuff in place.

    What ya think?


  2. Bigred350

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    They only bad thing about patching is to make sure you use the right type of grass. For instance, you may think its bermuda but you need to figure out which type it is.
  3. Truly Beautiful Lawn Care

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    I would patch the bad areas as long as there is an understanding with the customer. Is this St. Augustine? Besides the obvious, is there any other possible contributing factors that could have caused this? Does the lawn have a sprinkler system? Since money is a concern, are they prepared to water the grass at a minimum of 2 weeks for the grass to catch? I just did a rental sod job. The owner wanted the house done right. 6 pallets of St. Augustine. The renters unplugged the well pump! They did not understand they were only paying pennies for the pump to run. Come to find out, they actually burned up the pump (Myers). I put the house on city water until the owner buys a pump. The renters got a water bill and crapped on the floor! The sewage bill was killing them. Now there gone! Nevertheless, the house is up for rent. But the yard looks good!
  4. topsites

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    Yeah you want to discuss the whole thing to make sure, but an economical solution is patching it with turf repair kits.
    I don't play around much with this stuff, I just get Scott's for $20 or so a bag, covers 300 sq.ft., I charge $60 a bag to do it all.
    Ok, 2nd and subsequent bags gets a little cheaper per bag, but much past 3 bags it's not cost effective anymore.
    You're saying it's just spots, you have to know how to estimate square footage and usually $60 - $120 does it, but you have to know!
    It's not a whole lot of money, I'm talking 35-40 an hour, but it is super easy peasy cake walk stuff.
    Then what I do is water it thoroughly the day of application, and I mean soak it heavily, bring your own hose along just in case.

    That or just dump a TON of seed in those spots, throw it down by hand, heavily.
    Couldn't tell you the app.rate per foot, but think like cheese on a pizza, heavy.
    Neither method always works, but...

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