Resodding, SW FL yard, Zoysia or St Augustine???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jamze7417, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. jamze7417

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    Hey, I live in Cape Coral FL, and im resodding my lawn. i Im torn between 2 types of Grass, Ultimate Flora Zoysia, or St Augistine... What do you guys receomend, and why? I like the texture of the zoysia better but it seems like its harder to get nice and unifom and green. Any help would be great. Oh and i DO have an irrigation system. And also, if you recomend St Augustine, what type? Floratam... palmetto ECT??? Thanks
  2. jamze7417

    jamze7417 LawnSite Member
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    nobody? I figured i would get some good recomendations from you guys seeing as all you do is work with landscaping and grass lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated... What you guys recomend, why , why not... ect. Thanks
  3. mikewhit1010

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    I personally dont like ST. Augustine based on the texture. In TX that is all we really have and I installed Bermuda in my lawn because I think it looks better. Hope that helps.
  4. topsites

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    I don't think this is the time of year to go sodding, seeding, or doing anything at all... Now I'm not 100% sure because I don't do sod, but I do know folks who have sodded their lawn in summer heat and not two weeks later it was all dead...

    I'm sure there are companies who will do it for you, but I would be more for finding someone that's up on the how-to's as far as if you're going to spend not just that kind of money but any money at all... Do nothing instead and your lawn may well look like total crap the entire rest of the summer but if I am right or even if I'm not, find out what is involved and do it right the first time and then you have no regrets.

    So I would take this time and start calling around, educate yourself one but also find yourself a reputable company, whether you plan to DIY or maybe do some googling and/or hire someone, it doesn't matter because either way you decide these things could well turn out to be crucial factors.

    Good luck
  5. k911lowe

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    Ive never had much luck with Zoysia .st Augustine is very thick and susceptible to fungus .but i guess if your in Fla. then St. Augustine should work for you as that's where it was developed.i am not familiar with different types.
  6. kevinlane

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    Get floratam-it will take in this area of Florida with no problems, any time of year. As long as it is watered correctly with a little starter fertilizer, it will look nice in about 3 weeks after installation. I have done several sod jobs in this area and always recommend the floratam, it is a Florida grass. Even after a year, the installations I have done look great, thick and green.
  7. jamze7417

    jamze7417 LawnSite Member
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    ok cool, thanks. Well let me ask you about this, the grass im looking to install is called ultimate flora zoysia... it was developed from the U of F, so its made for our type of climate. i was originally going to do floratam, but everything ive been reading about points to this flora zoysia... so im a little confused. I spoke to a lady at a sod farm in arcadia and she told me they have been selling more of this then floratam recently, becuase it looks better, grows slow, and is more drought tolernt (uses less water). So im confused... Has anyone heard of this before? I have an irrigation system so you know, and also price isnt really a concern at all. The zoysia is only going to be like 300 more.
  8. tungsten33

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    Uhh... No. Floratam has superior drought tolerance than zoysia, believe it or not.

    The other st augustine varieties do not even come close to the drought tolerance of Floratam.

    I don't know much about this particular zoysia but I'm a fan of coarse bladed zoysia like Empire, Jamur, Palisades to name a few. It's easier to mow with rotary mower at 2-3 inches. I've read that fine bladed zoysia (same as bermuda) tend to look best with reel mower at lower height. I think they tend to have better shade tolerance so it may work if you have shade trees.

    Please go to grass farm or sod distributor place and check them out in person! I've seen Palisades zoysia in person and my first thought that it looks like mini st augustine. - Reading about Ultimate Flora, it sounds good but MISLEADING info about st augustine as it did not specify which one. They vary greatly for sure. 2 different drought tolerance evaluation done in Texas and both times, it says Floratam has superior drought tolerance than zoysia of all varieties including Palisades, Jamur and Empire. If Ultimate Flora really have that good shade tolerance, that's great because we need trees to keep things cooler!

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