Resolute 65WG REI??

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    I know this may sound like a no brainer question but I can not for the life of me find the REI on the label for Resolute 65WG. I found a gray box that has it at 12 hours but this box on the label is pertaining to ag use. Can someone please help me out. Thanks. I'm needing to know what to put on my record forms. Larry
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    Anything bearing labeling allowing use on residential areas now has "until sprays have dried" as the REI. That is very different from the AG mandated REI for sod farms and production nurseries. The reasoning is that homeowners will have infrequent and incidental contact with sprayed areas vs a farm worker who may be in contact with sprayed areas 8 hours a day or longer. Your state may have an interpretation different from the label. However, I call it 1 hour after application unless you are applying in cold, humid conditions that naturally inhibit drying.
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    Thank you Green Doctor.
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