Resort Bid.. Need some addl' input on it

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by qualitylandscaping, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Approximately 162,000sqft of mowing (3.8acres). Center area between the upper and lower parking areas is not included in the price (they want it wild as its very steep). Just the outside of the upper lot. 2,000sqft that will have to be done with a string trimmer only, as we can't get a mower on one of the steeper sections.

    I'm thinking 1 3/4 - 2hrs with 2 guys.. The trailer for that crew has 2- 60", 1- 72", a 36" WB, and a push mower.

    Opinions on time estimate, and price? I have a number in mind, just want to see what you guys think.
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    Without being able to see the property it makes it a little more difficult to give the estimates but for time I would think that it should take about 2 hrs or under. Price, I would charge about $110-$150 depending on the terrain and amount of trimming involved.
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    You probably know my usual answers, but looking at your profile and assuming it is all true I would say you at least have the years of experience needed for this. Therefore I further assume your estimate (on the hours) to be fairly accurate, and based on this, from what you said about the hours it would appear as if this job is something your company can handle adequately (not too big a job for you).

    I'm not sure if this is your first commercial job or not, but all I know is the parking areas take time and as a rule do need some attention... It is unlikely the whole parking lot will get trashed every time between visits, but some is unavoidable and as likely it is quite possible the parking areas have to be blown down at least once in a while.

    I just don't know a whole lot about this or I'd help you more, but I'm afraid to say things that I have little to no experience in myself. What I said I do know to be true, and on that note don't forget to specify payment terms on the contract.

    Unless you somehow grossly underestimated the hours, and this is where I just don't know... But it is all one big nasty area and there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of islands... Do take note if there are bushes or beds that need attention, or any islands and don't forget to account for all the curbs. For the rest I'm afraid we have to assume your 8 years of owning your own business will make up for some of the blind spots, and I certainly hope someone else can help.

    I am sure, in the fall, you'll have some LEAVES... This is likely hard to estimate in advance but plan on accounting for a fair to good amount with all those trees in back, here again your own experience has to be the judge.

    But maybe that, see if you can at least spot and maybe mention what you think are some of the blind spots...
    What is it about this job so far you are unsure of?

    So that's my basic take on it, and I've got a couple of years less than you, so for what it's worth, good luck.
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    ooops got cut off...

    What about snow, do they expect you to take care of that, did you account for it, or do they have a separate contractor for this?
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    Thanks for the response topsites.

    If we get this account, its going to be one of the smaller commercial properties we do.

    I'll lay this on the table. I'm estimating 2hrs max with a 2 man crew. 12 mile drive each way from our closest account (this is a new town we are expanding to, so more work to be added soon).

    I'm submitting the bid for $155.00 + tax per cut, to include mowing,trimming,blowing.

    $140.00 + tax per cut if they want to cut a check for the whole season in advance (28 cuts) = $3920 + tax.

    I'm trying to get a feel more for the time on this job, than the pricing. I know our operational costs per hour, so theres no issue trying to figure that out.

  7. qualitylandscaping

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    We provide three seperate contracts for commercial work (lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, and snow & ice management).

    If they want to pay for everything in 12 installments, we will combine the three totals for them, but they still sign three contracts.
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    I'm pretty sure my price for 4 acres residential is around 150-160, that's just for that and doesn't have anything to do with parking lots and everything else, which, I think you have that covered... I missed that the first post. And that's residential thou I think mowing-wise it could be used comparatively?

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