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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NateinAtl, Mar 3, 2000.

  1. NateinAtl

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    I'm looking for any resource that may be able to help me in pricing jobs. I currently feel I do a good job pricing mowing, aeration, and mulch. However, I am interested in branching out a little bit more. I need to improve on pricing such things as sod, plant installation, pruning, and cleanups. I come away feeling that I either overbid or underbid. Is there a good book out there that will help me in pricing? For those of you that own some of Nillson's books, which on would you suggest? Thanks in advance.
  2. curlawngreen

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    I have the &quot;Labor Time Data Handbook,&quot;<br>I will order the &quot;Grounds Maintenance Manual&quot;<br>and &quot;Maintenance Estimating Kit&quot;. Order over $100.00 and get $20.00 off. Good deal,good books.
  3. Finecut

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    It would seem to me that the people that post on this and other forums could put very realistic numbers in front of you, just for the asking. Remember these are the same people you may be bidding against and you also have to know your costs. Hypothetical numbers you take out of a book may or may not be applicable in your area, the cost of living for instance in Boston is much higher than Atlanta and this needs to be taken into consideration. Ask and you shall receive!<br>
  4. Stonehenge

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    You should look at the Landscaping forum, where we talk about those kinds of questions. Me and a few others have put a good amount of info on that very topic.
  5. Nilsson Associates

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    Finecut<br>The numbers in the Labor Time Data Handbook<br>has to do with labor times, (not prices) which can vary one market to another. Besides, the book has over 500 individually timed job tasks using a variety of methods to accomplish the same task. Choose the method you want to accomplish the task and there it is. In addition ... sorry to say this but there's nothing &quot;hypothetical&quot; about the data .. all the data and reference numbers were time tested, field tested. I'm proud to tell you won't find guesswork in the data ... and that it took me four years to get the information together. It's my best seller ever. It's been out for three years, I've sold thousands of them.<p>Phil Nilsson
  6. steveair

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    Another good bood is callled &quot;bidding and estimationg for landacape and irrigation contractors&quot; by Huston. A great book that really helps you understand the costs associated with any job and how to properly apply them to your pricing and bids. They use it at the college I went too to teach a class. He also goes around the country and gives a lectures on a regular basis. I believe it to be like a 'bible' to pricing.
  7. curlawngreen

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    The numbers in the book go along my own personal times in the thing that I have done.<br>The times for snow or aerification I don't know. Not the &quot;BIBLE&quot; but a good referance.
  8. steveair

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    Ok, it may not be the bible but it is a good system, especially for people who don't know where to begin or truly don't understand their costs on the job and in the office. <br>If these other books are guides on what to charge and time to complete jobs, then they would go along nicely with huston's ideas.<p>Also, a quick note is on big companies. I heard stories on how companies such as the brickman's and the rupert's have there own books on pricing within the company. They supposely have thick, heavy manuals that price out everything from the installation of a 1 gal juniper to the installation of 30000 sq ft of pavers. Not that im mentioning it, but getting hold of these may be nice too. Stealing stuff like that is crime now........
  9. paul

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    Experience plays a large part of bidding any type of work I work for multi- million dollar companys that have books for people that they hire to give them a guide line, but a senior buyer checks the plans and the numbers. Constructon part of the equation is much harder(time of year, deadlines,weather, penaltys)all this come in to play. The type of job is also part of the final numbers, residential is going to be different than say a commerical site to a river or lake.<p>----------<br>paul<br>

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