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    Hence my post.
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  2. mitchgo

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    Perhaps it's how you approached the issue at hand to them?

    I worked with a guy who always got in little tussies with the customer and didn't know why. When I explained to him it's because of how you approach and react to them... He still didn't understand.

    Point being here is that you've had two issues this past week. Possibly consider how you are explaining things to people and try a different approach?
  3. mitchgo

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    Are these proposal jobs or a service job / both?

    When servicing an existing system I wouldn't dream of requiring everyone /anyone to sign before I start my work to ensure I get paid.

    Proposals of course..
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Yep learned that 2 years ago I design a landscape I was paid for the design
    Well 2 weeks went by and I stop ask they made there mind up. They loved my design but they found somebody cheaper to do the install.
    Then about month later They called me again want me look at there lawn.
    So I stop yep it was my design install was crappy .

    The problem they was having was with there grass. I knew what it was fungus bad. They ask what I thought . I told them ask the company that installed it.
    They told me they said to call me they didn't know what was wrong. They ask me what is the problem I said I know what's wrong but I'm not going tell you
    They wanted to know why, I told them I cant believe someone would have the nerve to call me after you hired someone cheaper to do the job I designed. I walk off
    Month later They called again Saying they was sorry. They want me to fix there died lawn the other guy only had a 30 day warranty
    I said I'm to busy
  5. txirrigation

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    I have had customers say no after we gave a diagnoses. Usually it was because someone else had already been there and said it was something different that was going to cost less. i.e. The other contractor thinks it's a bad solenoid, when in fact by taking an ohm reading it's a shorted wire.

    We have been called back out a few times, by then it's more expensive because the other contractor has created a cluster.

    Now we don't tell the what's wrong, we just say it's going to be this much to get your system up and running. If they ask what the issue is, time to sign on the line and start paying.
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  6. DanaMac

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    I tell the customer I'm coming out to FIX the problem, not diagnose it. Here are our rates, no idea how long it will take. Quite often, diagnosing takes longer than the actual repair.
  7. bcg

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    This exactly. When they ask for us to come out and tell them what's wrong, we give them a list of possibilities based on their symptoms over the phone, along with the prices to fix those possibilities, and then schedule a repair. I won't go out to do a diagnosis and give an estimate, most of the time I just start fixing things and give them a bill at the end. That's when I'll explain the issue if they want me to.
  8. Wet_Boots

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    I have something like that coming up this spring, where the time and material needed to pinpoint the problem(s) is more than what is needed to install a remedy for the problem(s), so I'll just save the details of my diagnosis for when it can be more easily confirmed, and just sell the remedy.
  9. 1idejim

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    You slip in the basement and bump your head Boots? I can see troubleshooting taking time, done a little of it myself. What I don't understand is the "materials" part of your post. What materials are you referring to? Are you troubleshooting by replacement? Or are you repairing to diagnose? Conformation and verification, along with isolation and identification are steps one takes when analyzing and diagnosing any system failure.
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  10. Wet_Boots

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    Trust that the old man has some idea of what he's about.

    In this particular instance of a wiring problem, the confirmation of diagnosis would require test leads about 200 feet long. I don't happen to own 200-foot-long test leads. I don't ever figure to own 200-foot-long test leads.

    I don't need to worry about not having them in this particular instance of what is probably two separate wiring faults stacked atop each other. Far quicker to connect the dots between functioning portions of the system wiring with a new length of control cable.

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