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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grass disaster, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. grass disaster

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    What's a good respirator mask for spraying?
  2. foreplease

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    I use MSA Advantage 200 LS, available at True Value Hardware. I wear it everytime without exception, clean it at the end of each day, and change filter cartridges after approximately 50 hours of use. It is kept in a clean plastic toolbox with an extra set of new cartridges. I do not spray every day or even every week. Two sets of cartridges usually gets me through a season. During the day, if I take it off for a break or lunch, I hang it on a hook inside my truck. It never goes back in the box dirty.

    Stay away from gyros and patty melts on the days you wear it :)
  3. phasthound

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  4. foreplease

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    That was excellent. Thanks for posting.
  5. greendoctor

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    What are you applying? Unless we are talking about pre 2000 organophosphate insecticide/nematocides a respirator is not usually required for routine applications to turf. That said, I like the 3M silicone half masks 7500 series with the TC23 organic vapor cartridge/oil proof particulate pre filter in conjunction with a face shield when spraying trees or shrubs. Not needed for lawn applications because a lawn application is not done with a 500 PSi gun.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I have often thought about this.....
    I cannot help but thing those half masks are HORRIBLY uncomfortable in hot, muggy conditions. Its bad enough mixing a PG full in my enclosed in the heat with the splash goggles on, they fog up so bad with sweat and condensation. If some company comes up with a new solution to this issue I will take a listen. But I am not wearing a hot mask on an 85 degree day.
  7. foreplease

    foreplease LawnSite Silver Member
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    I work primarily in parks and at schools. Many of them would be doing this work themselves if they could figure out calibration. Wearing PPE adds another layer of professionalism they do not think is I,portent or want to match. Helps me. Also, it makes me appear to be less approachable, which is fine with me. At any time, I could have a couple of kids start to walk across the area I am treating no matter what signs I have posted. Standing up on the tractor with a half-mask on, blowing the air horn and pointing quickly conveys they need to turn around.

    Also, on the softer side: I am 53 years old, been around turf chemicals since I was 18 including a couple of years with mercury, and have some non-life threatening health problems, one of which is related to I try to tilt the odds in my favor and appear cooperative to my doctors.

    Frequency of exposure is more of a danger than severity of any one incident. That said, I agree that turf chemicals have gotten safer. If you are willing to wear the gear, do not let anyone talk you out of it. I am spraying Imidacloprid at a school tomorrow and not looking forward to the time in the respirator bit I will be wearing it.
  8. greendoctor

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    Wow. Don't tell me you used to use Cal-O-Clor or PMA. Those were mentioned in the turf disease books written in the 1970s. I am about 10 years younger than you, so the worst things I know about are mancozeb and thiram. Not that I have ever done it, but I heard it is a bad idea to handle thiram, then consume alcohol after.
  9. foreplease

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    Yes, we had special dispensation from the state of Illinois and Michigan to spray PMA and pretty much whatever combinations and rates we and they thought would stop C-15 (bentgrass) sudden decline in putting greens. I was at Medinah Country Club as an intern at the time and working with Dr. joe Vargas, who was also one of my instructors at MSU (turf pathologhy). Seems like PMA was labeled for snow mold until recently too? In the last ten years I have treated only one baseball infield and two soccer goal boxes for snow mold preventative. It was a granular product. Difficult to spray here after Thaksgiving!

    Unrelated to that, while at Medinah, I bent over to pick up an unlit cigarettes that had fallen from the pack in my pocket onto a green we had just sprayed. Like an idiot, I stuck it back in the pack to dry and smoked it (I no longer smoke) later that day. I got fairly sick for about 24 hours. Might have been thiram, I don't remember anymore, but have sprayed lots of all those you mentioned - and many more. Cough! :)
  10. greendoctor

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    PMA was gone by the late 70s. Thank goodness. What would get you sick from traces on a cigarette is either mercury, cadmium(Cadimate), or the organophosphate grub and nematode treatments. The thiram would be a problem if you then tried to drink a few beers. There is no difference between thriam and disulfuram(Antabuse) when combined with alcohol. I know what happens when diazinon is handled with a leaking glove.

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