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I'm getting that itch to start advertising, and was wondering if the guys who have web sites are getting good responces from it? Have you ever tracked the number of hits or actual jobs you've gotten from your web page.
Next, I have a guy who agreed to set up my web page which includes designing it, registering my domain name and listing my search info on 25 search engines for a total of $60.00 and then he will set me up w/ a web host for $6.00 a month- these prices seem almost too good to be true? your thoughts?
thanks again


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If that guy will do all of that for $60.00 I would suggest that you jump on it. Typically a professionally designed website will run somewhere between $500 to a $1000.
You can't even buy a web publishing program for that kind of money, Frontpage alone runs around $200.

As far as tracking goes, I ask all new callers how they came accross our name and number so that I can track how efficient my different mediums of advertising are working.


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I track visits to my site using AddFreeStats. Simple and free. Here is the link.

Add Free Stats

It gives you average traffic, location, many other usefull info.


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as of 2/27/2003 thru 2/5/2004 i've had 244 unique I.P. addresses and 1743 pages viewed with my "request a quote" page being viewed 119 times which is 6.83% of total viewing. of the 119 times i have had probably 20% request a quote and of that i do not know how many i landed, but the only way people found my site is through local ad in paper, i would not rely on my web site alone to generate more business, put your advertising money into other means, to me a website is good for info and not a good way for people to find you by browsing.


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He can be providing you the hosting himself and the $60.00 covers the $25 registration fee for one year and his set up fee. He probably will use a generic template to dump your info into creating your web pages. He makes the money off of the hosting fee per month.
As for response from Web sites - Ebay and are the only ones geared to make real money. Your site is not to bring in customers. It is a tool to inform potential customers - Customers that you have already in some way sold or directed there to find out more. It is a tool to provide information to existing customers or allow them to pay for services.
It can be a great tool in selling customers after you have enticed them there from other advertising. The estimate request forms are there for that one of a thousand who after you have sent them ten fliers handed out twenty business cards and had sixteen phone converstations with can fill it out online because they are too embarrased to say yes as they should have the first time you offered your services.


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25 to register a domain is crazy!

and i would want to know whos name it will be in?
you want to own it!!

i would use its less then $8.00 a year
i use then and have for about 3 or 4 years never any trouble great support to.

what about updates?
does that $60 cover updates or is that extra?
or do you have the abillity to update it yourself?

I would be a little hesitent at such a low cost

also have you seen any of his/her work? (other sites they have done?)

just things to think about

Short answer - YES. Two things, first you obviously have to advertise your site and second, its easy for customer to refer you by giving someone a url (web address) or email. For many interested potential customers, its so much less confortational at first (web site or email).

I designed our site and shortly will be including private (username and password required) folders for customer to be able to enter and get up to date info regarding their account, ongoing projects, photos, billing, etc. I ask many if not all my customers about this (the ones I knew were net surfers and/or casual emailers) and the response was fantastic. I think the same could be true for you too.

Good luck

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