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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sportsturf, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Sportsturf

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    Hi guys. New member here.

    Looking at some fairly involved newspaper inserts, and possibly print ad's in local newspapers that are published once per week.

    Total circulation for all of them combined is about 25,000.

    I'll be advertising Lawn Care (Fertilizing/Weed- Insect Control/ Tree Care Injections etc.) mostly. I offer Mowing as well, but am not as concerned about Mowing clients as I am the Lawn Care customer.

    Have any of you tracked your Response Rate/Call for Estimate Rate for doing this in the past few years?

    And what was it per run. 1st run, 2nd run, and so on in the spring.

    You dont need to have done 25,000 inserts or advertised with a paper with a circulation that high to give me an indication of your results.

  2. smarino21

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    1-2% is good
  3. Sportsturf

    Sportsturf LawnSite Member
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    Oh, I'd agree, but is that atainable? Is that an expectation? Or something that actually happens for a first run by a new company.
  4. Runner

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    Much of it depends on the flyer make-up and content, too. It has to be attractive, and there HAS to be something in it for the customer...some sort of redeemable value. In other words, don't just say here we lawn service...we offer this and now. You have to give them something to REMEMBER you buy. ..Something of VALUE. Give them a 10% coupon off something (or more). Something that is actually worth money to them. The same holds true with the restaurant place mat thing. Give them something to tear of and take with them.

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