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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by daveintoledo, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. daveintoledo

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    4 calls already, my very first estimate ever, i expected the small intown lots, . it was a full service for the entire year, 1 acre, nexy guy 1.5 acres, bid tonight on 3 acres... thats alot more grass then i planned on.

    you will all be proud of me, no lowballeing here... i want as much as i can get, (averaging around 50.00 per hour.... pretty good i f i get it

    just had to say my first day was good, now lets see if i get any of the jobs.... payup
  2. Lawnchoice

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    Good luck man!

    Spring has sprung!
  3. Precision

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    Go get them Dave. Remember if you are landing 30-50% your pricing is probably on target. If you are landing significantly over that, you probably need to raise rates.

    Unfortunately if you are landing less than that, it may or may not be price related.
  4. smlavin

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    That's great Dave!

    What kind of flyer did you put in the paper? (Large ad, insert, etc...?)
  5. centralarlawn

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    wow! congrats man. give them better customer service then they have ever had with any other company and you will be well on your way. good luck! :blob3:
  6. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    30 to 50 percent, got it, i dont wnat to leave money on the table, i got the season package, job, i was actually 50.00over the other guy????? but i guess thats pretty good for y first full service estimate, he has been around quie a while. These are very small towns i work in, some competion but no too much i guess.

    the flyers where 8 1/2x11 black on flourecent green, inserted into the small town papers, 70.00 per 1400 flyers inserted, got 4 more calls 4 estimates last night, and a spring clean up job, and a small mow and blow. I mean a small yard, will tkae me 10 min to mow, 10 more to trim, 40.00 , way more then the buck a minute mark,

    bid on the three acre job tomarrow night, hope that goes well, seems around here 30-35 per acre is the norm
  7. spoolinaround

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    calls are starting to roll in here aswell, put out 2000 flyers on yellow cardstock, about 1% called so far.

    I think the 70 degree days have more to do with it then anything;-)
  8. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    must be the weather,,,,, hey i had a guy ask me about full install, rototill, and reseed, beyound my capabilityes for this year, i f i get anything elso like that would you be inerested spoolin???? didnt think about getting his nunber till today

    also what to do you think of my guess at around 35.00 per acre for the bigger lots.... i really dont want to be too low, only due to the fact this guy said on the phone he wasnt happy with the service last year, and just wondering if he is just price shopping...????

    have a great one and let me know if you do full installs or not.. :drinkup:
  9. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    just had a printing customer say he stoped a lawn crew doing a power broom jop or some kind of dethatching, they said they where too busy to help him, asked me to do it i said i dont really work in toledo, but know someone who does,..... email me if your interested ill get you his number
  10. Team Gopher

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    Great post Precision!

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