Response time to fliers?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mr.Stripey Lawn Care, May 4, 2003.

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    Flyers are all about numbers... you have to pass out thousands. You can get a thousand at Kinkos for 50$ and by yourself in your car or truck, drive on the wrong side of the road in residential neighborhoods, fold them, and stick them behind the flag on the mailbox and you can pass out about 1000 in 5-6 hours. When I do this my usual response is about 10 calls per 1000 and usually 5-6 new clients. What do you think? 5-6 hours of driving plus gas and $50 in materials for 5-6 new weeklys... is it worth it. Darn straight it is! You can do it at night, or any time of day, whatever. Usually all of your calls are going to be in the first 3 days after. Make sure you pass them out all in one area so you reduce your travel time.
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    I passed out about 1200 door hangers in a newer 3 calls and all one time jobs.

    Passed out 800 in a well established neighborhood and got about 12 calls, 3 being weekly mowings.

    Total 15 calls and landed 14. Received 90% of calls within the first week.

    Passed out 1600 doorhangers at cooking show that came to town (actually a local radio station passed them out at the show for me). That was 4 days ago and have received 0 calls.

    I have discovered if you list your services with any advertisments you will do much better.

    Good luck
  3. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    I just posted another thread - got two new accounts today THREE WEEKS after doing door hangers in a neighborhood.

    The lady called me & said she wanted an estimate on her lawn and her mother-in-law's right across the street. This is a sweet situation. Beautiful properties right next door to one another.
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    I would personally go door to door and introduce yourself and tell them..." I am Joe Blow from Joe Blow Lawn Care. I recently placed an ad on your property a few days ago and I was wondering whether or not you had any questions or comments about our services that we offer."

    That is a good way to start up the conversation and if they need something they would say, "Hey, I have a question about this area over here, what can you do about it."

    Its a good way for the potential customer to get to know you before they decide on your service instead of just doing it cold turkey.
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    I do 400 flyers at a time... and get calls within a few days or as long as 6 months later. Be persistent
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    tiedeman. That is all weel and good if you are targetting a small neighborhood with only a few houses but beyond that you are talking a major length of time with that approach.
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    I passed out about 700 in one night, hung them on the mailbox flag.

    Got about 20 calls. 4 one time, 14 weekly, 2 by-weekly. Most of the calls came in the first week. Last one came in about a month later.
    Almost 3% response.
    I feel blessed. :blob1:

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