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    I]I too have just purchased a tiger cub with the honda 24 hp, what concerns me now is this is 2 nd time i have heard of drive spring going bad on a cub , i had a friend who this happened to also , my question is should i go to dealer and get a spare spring and where is this located...... are they easy to change i dont want to be stuck somewhere where the machine is broke and wont move or should i just change it out before i even start the year next march or april ?[/I]

    I had a fun time trying to get the spring on only because I was quite aways from my garage..... when I figured out what tool I needed, it took awhile to walk back and forth.... only then did I realize I needed a BIGGER HAMMER! (just kidding)

    Not sure how to respond... as far as a spare spring...... it might not be a bad idea... but then, do you want extra parts laying around everytime you hear about someone's mower breaking?

    I would say good luck with your new mower.... BUT I know you don't need luck, you will love the Scag Cub. I can't wait for mowing season!

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    thanks for reply .... i went ahead and changed spring out today with one my dealer gave me thats he said was the updated one it is quite a bit different, much fatter then tappering down on hook ends like someone else said in another thread . I will keep the old one in tool box on the trailer in case i break down in the field . The dealer said i should have no more problems , lets hope he is right . You know this site has helped me so much in this biz,(And i been full time for 10 years) sometimes i never knew how dumb and ignorant i was

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