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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coolluv, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. coolluv

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    Why is it that if you ask a legitimate, intelligent question you hardly get any answers or responses to the question. If you ask a question that has been answered 1000s times or a equipment comparison question you get so many responses so quickly. Most of which are biased because of what they use or prefer with out even have tried or used other equipment.

    Is this a representation of the people on this board or is it that the professionals don't want to or don't have the time to answer questions. Don't get me wrong I have learned so much from this place and I visit it daily, and I really enjoy coming here. I have spent so many hours researching stuff and going through the old threads my wife may divorce me, but sometimes you cant find what your looking for or the information is outdated. So you ask a question and you see that there were a lot of lookers but no answers or maybe some smart*** answer. If you take the time to answer a question try to make it helpful or just don't answer it.

    I will give you an example. I researched blade grinders and finally ended up buying one. I bought an RBG commercial. I also bought the mulch plate because I use mulching blades on my mowers. Well let me tell you the blade grinder works great for regular blades but the mulch plate is a joke. But when I did my research on blade grinders I did not find anything negative on the mulch blade adapter. I know that others are running mulch blades and are using blade grinders but nothing negative said about it.

    Maybe it works for some mulch blades but not for the Hustler type mulch blades. Another example would be 4mix equipment, I was told by my dealer to stay away from the 4mix stuff for now because of valve adjustments and bugs still being worked out.

    Well you post that on here and people will post I have never had to adjust my valves and have never had one bit of trouble out of my stuff, STARTS ON THE FIRST PULL! Only to find out later in other post that they are now having problems with the stuff.

    I try to research everything before I spend my money. Anyway,

    Just have to laugh.:laugh:

  2. Frue

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    We are guilty of that!
  3. vanguard

    vanguard LawnSite Member
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    Take the site with a grain of salt. For entertainment purposes only! Kinda like a M&M, Inside some good info with a B.S. shell! lol :laugh:
  4. lawnspecialties

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    You definitely have to "weed out" some people's responses.

    But looking at the two examples you've given, I have a couple of responses.

    The RBG grinder and especially the mulch plate are not exactly two pieces of equipment you often read about here on LS. I didn't know there was such a mulch plate. Everyone I've seen who had to sharpen mulch blades ends up getting the Magna-Matic 8000.

    As for the 4 stroke stuff, it's also not very common and really just starting to show up in decent numbers. Maybe those guys with problems are really just starting to have problems. I have a C4 Shindaiwa split-shaft but use it only for hedge work and tilling. It doesn't get a whole lot of use but so far has done very well.

    Like I said, read between the lines on most people's posts. If someone starts ranting or raving about a $13,000 diesel mower, but you see in his signature he runs two MTD 21" mowers and Ryobi hand-helds, admire him for his passion but take his advice for what little it's worth.:)
  5. chuck bow

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    Because alot of times you got people responding that havent a clue what they are doing let alone how to run a business ....... alot of wannabes that think they are big time operators . Example how can anyone post how crappy a Scag or Exmark is when they have never ran one at all or for any lenth of time.I myself can only comment on how Scag mowers run and perform because thats all i have ever ran for the 14 years i have been fulltime i havent a clue how ExMark or Toro does because i have never ran one
  6. dave k

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    Under the Lawnsite logo it says, "Professionals growing together" though I'm guilty of one or two smart alec answer, but they fit the questions IMO. as far as the RBG, you are probably trying to sharpen wavy blades and that attachment which I have works ok but is just an after thought. RBG is ok as well, but what I don't care for is when pushing the blade it seems to want to hit the far side opening, it would have been better if the far side had a rolled lip down instead of the way it is, not sure if you know what I mean, if I had to do it again I would probably go with the Magna Matic, but it does sharpen blades satisfactory.
  7. Dunn's

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    That is because a good chunk of the sites members are first year, guys with five lawns and a push mower, and most of them don't make it past the first year. So they don't have any knowledge whatsoever to share. Well I was wrong most of them have a vast knowledge of how to copy and paste, or microsoft paint some good equipment in that doesn't exist, well it exist just they don't have it. You get the picture.
  8. grass-scapes

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    ONe reason no one wants to answer is when it is a legitimate question asked, they really don't know the answer and they know they will get "Flamed" when people reply who do know the answer. They want someone else to answer first so they can "quote" and "agree or disagree"

    Too many people on here full of negativity and will post to prove it.


    p.s. You really can't get a straight answer on a site like this quite often because there are so many who will inject their personal opinions, just as the previous posters have stated.
  9. huntemup

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    Points well taken,we should respond only when we have a good working knowlege of the items in question,and your experiance with them.By the way,I only have four push mowers Ha Ha!
  10. Grits

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    This is only the second post I have read from you. And the 2nd post that you have acted like a b!tch. The other post was you asking people on the forum if they were landscapers or bullsh*****s. Lose the attitude and maybe more people will answer your silly questions. I am going now, to see what else you have posted and see if they too contain your attitude.

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