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guys ,<br>its my turn to ask for i advised in an earlier post,i`m relocating to fla.i`m going to restart my business after 2 yrs.i know what equipment i need to buy,it will be used sinces finances are tight.i already have most of the trimmers,but no mowers.i also drive a 81 vw diesel pu.(i know,no jokes)should i get the truck first or equipment and trailer?i already know the business end of things.i just wanted some imput from you guys.i don`t think getting customers is a problem since i have a bunch of contacts already.<br>dave


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Dave.<br>Driving a new truck with no equipment= 0.<br>VW with equipment= $ <p>Let the nay sayers laugh, do what your good at. Watch the tranny, pulling a trailer with a small vehicle can wreak havoc, change fluid and filter often...then get a truck!<p>Some guys have everything in the truck bed, that may work for you, depends on your equipment.
Hello:<p>The Toroguy is right!<p>You can't make much money with a different truck! Buy the largest trailer you can afford & hopefully the one you buy will have dual axles, with brakes.<p>Used trailer will be fine, check the brakes, a few cans of spray paint & new wiring, plus other electrical parts will make it look like brand new, at a fraction of the cost!<p>Sounds like you got the experience & if that's so, your over half way there & your yards ahead of the competition!<p>The truck will come later, considering everything said, it will come sooner than you think!<p>BTW, since you are going to have to wait on the purchase of the truck, do this? Do your self a big favor & get you a killer truck, because you deserve it!<p>I Wish You & Yours the Best of Everything!<p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page


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Dave,<p>Will that truck carry 450#? Will a 36&quot; w/b fit in the box? Two 6' 2x10's and a 36&quot; w/b and it wouldn't take long to pay for a good used truck. And you could build from there.


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I would get a truck first. You have to have something reliable to get you around for day to day things. Bidding, checking out equipment ect. Personally I had a small truck and found it to be ok for small work but I'd never buy a small truck again. Do it as big as you can w/truck and trailer and your business will grow to it. Good Luck.


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I agree w/ grassmaster and toroguy!! <p>You can't make money without equipment. And you don't want to go cheap on equipment just to drive a nice new truck. I would get the best/biggest trailer and equipment possible. From what I remember FL. isn't that hilly so a little truck will pull the trailer without that much strain, you just have to watch braking. This setup will last you a while and then you can take the money that you've made and put a down payment on a truck. <br>Just my opion's though. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you will think it out and and have good reasons for it. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR VENTURE.........

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