Restarting a small kobota diesel

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Naples, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Naples

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    I have a small diesel Kubota that has been sitting for probably 10+years. I am interested in getting it restarted and was wondering if anybody had experience and or suggestion on doing this/ Also the 3pt finish mower does not seem to wanna come disconnected at the drive shaft, any ideas on this? It was originally parked because of a bad PTO that I intended to fix a long time ago LOL but it ran great when it was parked
  2. Grant11

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    I would start out by making sure the dipstick has oil and only oil in it, then put a socket wrench on the crank and make sure the motor is free. Those two things will give you a good idea if its able to run again. If both of those look good I'd change the oil, clean out carburetor, make sure fuel lines are flowing good, throw the battery on a charger and see what she does...
  3. Naples

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    Its diesel but thanks
  4. exmarkking

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    Change all fluids, turn the motor over as stated above, charge battery, put fresh fuel in it(drain old) and see what she does. I probably would run some sea foam thru it also.
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  5. Grant11

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    Yeah I know. Is it fuel injected or carbureted?
  6. windflower

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    Is it time for another cup of coffee?
  7. LandFakers

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  8. twomancrew

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    It's a diesel so check the fluids and get a good battery in it and fire it up. Don't fix what probably aint broken. If the fuel is bad but liquid drain it off, add new, crack the bleeders and let it flow a minute and then fire it up. Drain fluids after it warms up and you know it all is working again.

    For the PTO use WD and heat. You cannot expect to go outside, spray with WD, and have it fall offnthere. Spray today, spray tomorrow, etc till it gives or heating it will go a long way.

    WD is a fairly safe fluid for starting also. Or light a propane torch and stick it up intake while cranking can do alot to an old girl. If that scares you then let propane into the intake unlit while cranking works I hear too.
  9. Grant11

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    My bad guys lol. Yeah we'll go with 1 too many cups of coffee... I honestly thought like real old diesel tractors (pre-1950s) and small application diesels could be carbureted :dizzy:
  10. Moose's Mowing

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    ^ that's correct. Some old diesel tractors were started on gas, then would burn diesel when they got going. I've never seen anything like that but I think I remember reading something about that years ago. All modern diesels are injected tho. I think some of those radio controlled models might have mini carb'd diesels too?? But those are super small.

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