restoring 1987 JD 165 kawi fb460 (motor and trans issues)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by indysoccer16, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Well I recently inherited my fathers 1987 JD 165 with Kawai fb 460 and hydro trans. He bought it when he bought his old house and no longer needs it, but since I grew up using it he wanted me to have it and make it run good again since he has so many years with it.

    So today I took off the body except for the dash which is coming off when I move it inside. Body and deck are getting prepped for paint over the next 3 days. So the problems are when starting for the first time you have to manually hold the choke open all the way. so I am guessing the adjustment and linkage are worn. The starter is sticking. Carb needs to be cleaned or rebuilt. Muffler has heavy rust and so does header.

    So I looked up the parts and from what I found I am going to be spending around 200-300 dollars. So I am no considering just buying a new motor but I dont know what is compatablie. BUT I would rather keep it all orginal, so if you guys know of any places that sell complete motor rebuild kits, carb rebuilds, and starters. Also I need some help with the trans, I would like to change the fluid and any other maintance. please let me know either here


    I've never messed with one of these before I only work on Dixie's, scags, ferris, and buntons. And when something goes wrong I just call up a local shop and get new parts since money isn't an issue, but since this is a personal project I am looking to save as much as possible while doing it.
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    Register at and go into the Late Model Forum and post this info and there's a bunch of guys there that can help you reel in this project pretty cheap. There's also classifieds there where you can post your parts needs and they can help you find what you need for cheaper than what a dealer can do for you.
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    than you very much for the help I am heading over there right now to get this done.

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