Restoring old Lesco walk-behind. Advice-parts?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by slick-rides, Apr 17, 2011.

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    I bought an old Lesco 48" mower (pics below). I'm looking to "fix it up" both mechanically and cosmetically. I'm only going to use it on my small residential lot, so it should do me fine for a while. Can you guys help me determine how old it is, where to buy parts, etc? I've found and downloaded parts manuals for both the mower and engine. I can't seem to find anywhere that sells the parts by the Lesco part #'s though. Only place I've found online is Can things like paint and decals be found too? Any advice or info will be appreciated.






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    I would venture that the machine is pre 95 because of the square tank, 12.5 hp Kawasaki peerless 700 trans. Almost everything is interchangeable with other machines, it most closely resembles an earlier scag. The machine should cut well. John Deere bought Lesco a few years ago, you should be able to order parts through there landscape seed dividion. As far as parts, the motor you can go to Jacks Small Engine or Partstree, they might have belts, blades as well. Looks like someone cheaped out and used a bobcat green. It will be challenging to strip the paint. As far as decals You might want to find a Lesco Logo and have a graphics house shoot out a vinyl graphic. Just do not put to much into it, just enough so that your proud to use it, anymore is just your vanity and will not get back on return if you sell. Good luck. I had a 96 Lesco hydro 19hp 52" walkbehind. It was a great machine.
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    I recently bought a Lesco 36" WB and did the same thing as you are doing. I have it running strong and it's a cutting great - just a few parts to go before it's completely restored.

    Here are some of the things I found...
    If you have the parts manual, make sure you have a manual that is for the 1996 or earlier belt drive walk behind. There are different manuals for the hydros and newer models and I'm not sure that the old manuals are online - and you definitely have one of the older models by the looks of the logos & decals. They should be able to find the manuals you need on file or in the computer at your nearest JD Landscapes branch. The Manual is a parts list for all of their models of mowers (32" through the 52") and has diagrams that you can look at to determine what you need and the part numbers associated with them.

    The part numbers won't be the same anymore and most branches will not have the parts you need in stock - but they can convert them easily enough and either get the parts you need from a different branch or order them in from their parts distributor (Sunbelt Parts).

    You might be out of luck on the stickers and decals - especially with that older logo, but I did find Lesco green paint. Your local branch might have to transfer it in and you'd most likely have to pay shipping but just tell them that you need item # 063569.

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