restroom for women on the job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2 clowns mowing, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. 2 clowns mowing

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    we hired a young lady this year. first women we hired.she a great worker and don't want to get rid of her. finding out when she needs to use the restroom it's a little more difficult than it is with the guys. how do you all deal with this? thought of a camper porta potty but still will need a place to hide. then thought she could drive her own car and leave when she needs to but that could be very confusing, when we are going door to door mowing. any ideas???
  2. Frosty03

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    I have a woman who works for me part-time. She will let me know when and if we are in a construction zone, she will use the porta potti. However, she doesn't mind going in the woods either.

    Mostly, when going from account to account, I will stop at a convenience store. So far, no problems.

    Sometimes though, when mowing a string of houses and she has to go, we will pack-up to go to the store. I can get a cold drink while she takes care of the call of nature. If we are in the boonies, it's the woods.
  3. corbster

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    Where do the guy's releave themself at?
  4. bibbo

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    where ever we want lol... usually in the woods or next to the truck
  5. wahlturfcare

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    i usually go in a cup or something. that way no one sees ya pising on the ground even though your back is turned.

    I still remember a couple years back a buddy of mine pissed in a cup and then threw it in the back. One of his helpers decided to use the cup to drink out of later.
    both of us about arfed from it, we also couldnt keep a strait face from then on.

    just remember to let others know if you do that.
  6. LawnTamer

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    We had a woman working with us last yr. She didn't need to go anymore than anyone else, and less than me:laugh::laugh:, I probably hit the gatoraide too hard in the summer.
  7. jaybird24

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    Have a set amount of times you will be stopping at a convenience store during the day. You could take a 5 gallon bucket with you.
  8. JDUtah

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    We dion't do this but..... enclosed trailer + porta potty = luxury bathroom!
  9. skeet

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    check out American Innotek (urine bags)
  10. Edwardsville IL.PLS

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    find a tree!!!

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