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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by grasshopper501, Feb 1, 2008.

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    Hi Restrorob, Thank You For The Come Back,can't Believe I Got
    Your Personal Attention !!!! Anyway I'm Looking For The Lawnboy
    Part For A Friend In Iowa Who Doesn't Have A Computer ,so He Asked Me To Look Up The Part For Him. Turned Out To Be Harder Than I Thought
    Then I Remembered Where I Got Such Great
    Help When My Grasshopper Quit Here Is The Information
    He Gave Me. Looking For A Side Bag Leaf Shreader And Bagger
    The Number He Got Off The Bag Is M1 89-a6-6327 He Said It Was
    Made For Several Models Of Different Handmowers Including Lawnboy, The Model# Of His Lawnboy Is 72-61 And The Serial #
    Is # 6119095 Told Him If Restrorob Can't Help Me Then I'am Giving
    Up . Thanks For Any Help Grasshopper501
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    OK grasshopper, (Hmmm, Wonder why David Carradine just come to mind !)

    The part number on the old bag looks like the manufacturing company's part number, Not Toro's part number.

    Using Toro's Master Parts Viewfinder there is no 72-61 model number, I removed the dash to 7261 and got a 1972 push mower but the serial number is way off;


    I need proper model number/dash/letter etc. sequence to look this bag up to assure a proper part number before surfing for a purchase place.

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