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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by livingsoils, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. NattyLawn

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    Sorry to hear that Pete. What product did you buy? The 5-0-3 or 14-0-5? Product consistency is not their strong point.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Ouch again
  3. NattyLawn

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    There's a company in Colorado that stopped buying from them for that exact reason. They started making it themselves. Let me see what I can do by the end of the season....
  4. heritage

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    14-0-5 Natty.


  5. green_mark

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    WOW! I seem to have some unhappy customers here. Keep in mind that I return all calls and if a problem exists I need to know about it as it is occurring and not 6 months after the fact.

    Please call so I can understand what the problem is and try to remedy what has happened.

    I also see some complaints about product consistency. We need to discuss this also as I do not see what the consistency issues are.

    I am a sponsor on the site but removed the forum as very little activity was occurring. You will see my banner ad at the top as you page through on rotation.

    My cell phone is 651-295-8388
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    looks like the POOF thread got removed as well, how long will this one last...... and Michael, look at almost all of the threads in this forum if your removing them because they are "off topic" :confused:


    I know you care, and its great that you offer support, but the product just didn't work very well, and the cost was high for the results. Trust me when I say, myself and others really wish it did work well, but it just doesn't. I challenge you to prove me wrong, make me a believer
  7. humble1

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    So its okay to post your natural lawn care belief-

    I see plenty of people who post other things including religiuos statments. Do you also say the same there.
  8. green_mark

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    I cannot help if you do not call and go over the issues you have had. We have 1,000's of customers on our program here in Minnesota and many more than that in Canada.

    I have been working this program since 1986 and have many customers still on the program that started with me then. Our lawns...over all...are in excellent shape. Yes we do have lawns that do not respond and what we do then is go out and evaluate the lawn and figure out why and treat for it.

    I have very few clients who say they quit because of poor results.

    Believe me when I say that when something bad occurs or what you thought was going to happen did not I want to hear about it right away.

    Then we can work through it as the event is still occurring and work towards a solution.

    I do not sell and abandon. Yes, this product is not as effective as an herbicide and does take additional care. We give our clients the attached documents when we start with the program so we all understand where we are and what to expect.

    Read this over and give me a call. 651-295-8388 is my cell phone. I take calls until about 8:00pm and again at about 7:00am. I do this 7 days per week. If I do not answer I will return the call as soon as I am able.

    Customer support and satisfaction is very important to me and the success of your business...then mine. In that order.

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  9. heritage

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    Talk IS Cheap sir.

    I did everything to the letter and I have 25 Years in the field and I made ALL the applications myself.

    If you are willing to back up your words, and also pay me 50% of my cost to you, I would be willing to talk and give you MY TIME as well.

    In the meantime I won't buy your product again as it is all "BS Marketing" as I have seen, And I have taken the loss as well.

    Terrable results.

  10. Prolawnservice

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    I don't know Pete, that last post just may have been "off topic":nono: I'll be quite suprised if this thread is here much longer with all this off topic-ness:dizzy:.

    Seriously make me a believer, lets see some before and afters, i know you have afters but i don't recall ever seeing a good close up before that matches a good close up after. That would be a good start, lets see how the owner of the company makes the product work.

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