Results of my JD 757 Mulch on demand

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Throgmorton, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Throgmorton

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    I've got one of the MOD 757's. Have had a few problems with it. Mainly the cut. Trying to find the right type of blade. They made a in between blade that is suppose to mulch and or discharge. I've put 300 hours on mine this season. Currently getting a new Kaw engine put on because the engine had a compression problem. At this point, we don't think it is a JD problem. It is under warranty. I've broke two rods that opens the side chute. Dealer is ordering me another and I will do some welding on it to make it stronger. Currently I have as set of MEG-MO blades which works pretty well with this system. The MOD is a nice feature. The only time i have difficulty opening and closing the chutes are when there is alot of grass build up. Since my mower has been in the shop, it has given me a chance to demo a couple of mowers. I demoed the DC 2503 and the exmark xs 60. The exmark xs is the baddest mower I've ever been on. Enough said.
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    I have many 2005 757's we use daily and they are GREAT mowers, but a good JD dealer will tell you in a heart beat NOT to go with the MOD as it isn't right yet. If you dealer didn;t tell you that you might want to look for a new dealer.
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    Hi MMLawn,

    I am buying my first ZTR. I'm interested in the JD 757, and the comparable exmark and scag options. Before buying the 757's, what were you using?

  4. Killswitch

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    What are you guys talking about....Mod?
  5. TClawn

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    MOD= much on demand.

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