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    OK, I aerated and fertilized my bahai yard. I punched holes all in it. Now I want to see what all the fuss is about. It better work cause that borrowed Ryans IV whooped my ars I'm here to tell ya!:angry: That things about as cumbersome as running a front tine tiller over roots! It's raining as I speak (type) so the Ironite and 8-8-8 I put out shouldn't take too long to show me what I've been wanting to see for over a year..........a dark green thick lawn!

    For all you bahai cutters out there, I have been changing my opinion on the stuff. When it is maintained and cut regularly it's some pretty nice looking grass. Out of all the grasses we have it shows stripes better than all the rest. I'll just have to stay ahead of the tall stuff, if ya know what I mean.

    I'll post a picture in a couple of weeks if we don't go droughty again. I'm a results type of guy, gotta see some results.

    Gotta borrow a pull behind next time too.:rolleyes:
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    Next time come up and borrow my pull behind Homer. It will save you lots of agony. ;)
  3. HOMER

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    I'd have to borrow the diesel too!

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