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Discussion in 'Employment' started by tropicallawn1, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Hello, i have never actually had to make a resume and wanted your opinions. My present employer just doesn't seem to want to grow the business. They seem to be happy with the maintenance jobs we have until the big install jobs come back.? I really like the company and people, just feel like it's a dead end. Anyone in the Central Florida area looking for a good guy? Thanks!
  2. tropicallawn1

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    Sorry guys, I can't seem to get my resume to upload. I am now going to throw this computer in the pool.
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    Its fairly easy, you just have to gear it towards who your applying for (landscaper, Government, resturant, etc...). As for writing it, when I did mine up, I followed a paragraph form:

    Name, address, phone number, and email Block

    Statement:<------ a short discription of why you want get employed at _____ company and what can you bring to them/what they can gain by employing you.

    Work expirence: <------- Most will say put the last 7 years or any if your young enough jobs you held. I put the last 4 jobs that I held with the position you held I.E.
    Squad Leader U.S. Army 2007 - Present
    12N, Heavy Equipment Operator, Duties included doing preventive maintainence and checks to equipment before, during, and after the piece of equipment is operated, Use of heavy equipment in road construction, demolishion, landscaping, load to haul, rough and finish grading, and over the road trucking. Additional duties include a leadership position of no more than 8 other soldier to supervise daily tasks and operation.

    Education and certs:<---- thus the as the title says list education starting at high school, tech school, and finish with any college level keeping them in a order. Then add in any certifcations and licensing you hold, such as if your a certified to work on "Stihl" equipment or any non credited class you've taken and if any licensing you hold, CDL, state pesticide licenses, etc.

    Military service:<----- if appicable list years of service, deployments, reconizable awards, type of discharge, duty MOS.

    The thing is you want to try to limit it to two pages, but ideally just one. I have a big resume mine is two pages but I placed everything that would catch a employer's eye on first page. Most HR's or personal in that HR role will just skim a resume in 10 seconds or less until of if anything seems important to them, if not its tossed away and "filed" for a later date. Leave a resume short and brief, I wanted to present as much info in my first resume but it made it to cluttered. When you get a interview you can bring in proof to what you discribed in your resume.

    Hope this helps a little.

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