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  1. Titans Fan

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    I operate a small lawn care business. I am graduating from college in a few months and have started working on my resume.

    I really haven't thought about how to word my work history in lawn care.

    I have operated my business for five years.

    Does anyone have any ideas for bullet points under a lawn care co. that sound professional?

    I have trained employees, I do my own marketing, ect.

  2. bohiaa

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    Comming from the computer field.... " I was an computer engineer for 15 yrs"

    what you just said works for me...

    I have read tons of resumes, some people want to word it so that noone can understand it, others blow smoke up the ole wazoo,
    still others use words that only Webesters know.

    what I found was word it in plane english, as if you were giving a speech and there were 50,000 people listning, you will have to find a happy medium so that all 50,000 of those people will unserstand what your talking about.

    I have operated my business for five years
    I have trained employees, I do my own marketing

    that pretty much says it right there
  3. echeandia

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    Just describe what you did to run the company. You didn't say what your degree was in but I would emphasize items relevant to the field you are looking at.
  4. wooley99

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    I agree with both of the above comments. Also, quantify and get rid of the "I"

    Title (Sole Proprietor) or (Owner Operator)
    - Built and managed successful lawn care business serving XX clients with $XXXX in annual sales
    -- Managed all aspects of marketing program, increased clients by XX per year
    -- Trained X employees in all aspects of lawn care, sales, safety and customer service
    -- Proven ability to manage personnel and resources while providing outstanding customer service

    Five years is a pretty good chunk of time, it should reflect on your resume but may not rate this many lines depending on what else you've done. By all means focus the bullets on whatever industry you're trying to get into.

    Good Luck!
  5. Titans Fan

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    Thanks for the input!
  6. Runner

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    Man, the wording that Wooley said is awesome. What great advice.

    Under qualifications, mine says: Efficient ability to maintain and repair machinery and equipment, including hydraulic and electrical repair. Possess efficient arc and mig-welding skills.

    22+ years experience in grounds maintenance and business operations in industrial and commercial venues. Irrigation installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair included.

    Under Employment description, mine says:
    Contract landscaping services for businesses, municipalities, and homeowners.
    Responsibilities include: Overall supervision of operations and employees, equipment maintenance, customer relations, and quality control.

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