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    First year in the biz, looking for some help from the sage wise ones. Has anyone had success marketing to the large retail clusters or town centers? (Large anchor stores with many smaller connected stores around it) Since all of the property is owned by one leasing company, do you sell to the owner or each individual retail location?

    Also, what is the best way to mount lights or greenery to a stucco/brick fascia if the customer will not allow you to drill into the masonry veneer?

    Thanks in advance!

    Phillip Evans
    Southern LandCare
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    Phillip- welcome aboard ! Strip malls and retail locations have come to us more by luck than by effort. Say we do the lights for a leasing agent or thier sister, they tell someone who knows someone, then they call us, that kind of a thing. Over time if you have lots of truck advertising and yard signage up each season, the folks that make that decision kind of find thier way to you. on the flip side, we also aggressively went after retail and strip malls using in person sales staff 2 years ago and failed miserably. I figured out you cannot just go after it.

    I have done some consulting work with cities and been offered thier job, but there is very little money in it. They typically either have huge displays that require constant maintenance or are mostly banner type lights on light poles which require bucket trucks.

    further, large clients bring large risk of lost revenue if they let you go. we did 13 commercial buildings for 1 client for several years that required a tremendous investment of time and resources for us. we turned away work to service them, and when they let us go over a period of 2 seasons it hurt.

    The best money in this business is spreading your risk around lots of medium high to high end residential properties. they are loyal if you do good work, are willing to pay a premium for good work, and thier "egg" does not hurt your basket too much if they are no longer your client.

    as the commercial clients have come along, we do them, but I really don't plan on them being a client for much more than 3-4 years. property managers change and vacancies can get you cancelled by no fault of your own.

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