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    This is a struggle I face eAch and every day and season. This year I gave my lead guy a weeks paid vacation. I have been looking for perks for my guys beside the norm.
    Good luck to all.
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    I have heard of similar stats to what the OP stated in other places as well. But you have to take things in proportion.

    A> - if you pay a guy enough that he can comfortably pay all his bills, own a decent house, and have some money to take his family on vacation - then the answer is this employee needs to be motivated with feeling appreciated, and an effort to make him "fall in love" with his job. If you paid me $58 per hour, and treated me like crap, and worked like a dog. I would leave you for a job that paid $48.00 per hour to enjoy my day. I could more than pay for my families needs on $48.00 the extra $70 per day, I could care less.

    B> if your not paying enough to support the family and live comfortably, the apart about feeling appreciated will apply less and less. If you gave me ajob and treated me great at $13.00 per hour, I would leave you in a heart beat for a job that paid $18.00 an hour. Id rather be stressed and work, then stressed at home about money.

    Even though B is only a $5.00 difference and A is a $10.00 difference you can see why the two situations are not the same.

    Would you work for what you pay most of your guys? I wont. What category are your guys in - A or B? or are they paid even less than B.

    Don't worry, Its not your fault. Its our industry as a whole.
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    Is A or B before or after taxes????
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    I am small. One employee. I make a great living as an owner operator. Having just one employee allows me to give big Christmas bonuses as an incentive to get people to stay all year. Its also about knowing what your employee needs. My employee is constantly buying phone cards. So this year I am buying him one years worth of phone service from straight talk for $547. Obviously this is self serving for me as well. Last year my employee which had been with me three years was having allot of car trouble. I gave him a little ford ranger I didn't use.
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    Best part about it is say it with me ... . . TAX WRITE OFF !#!#
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    Would it matter either way? The common practice is we say a guy makes $12 per hour, and that's before taxes. So assume that it's before
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    Unskilled labor (edging, weedeating, bagging groceries, or anything else someone in school is qualified for) will pay $7.79-$8.50. If you offer a job a $10/hr, it's like they found the holy grail. They know they won't ever find another job with better pay at that age, and will treat it like that, or at least I would and have (18 years old). That extra $7-$8 a day is almost nothing to the employer, but huge for the employee. Honestly though, a pleasant work environment is a huge plus too. A lot of people I have worked with take each day as a physical challenge (running a weedeater for 10 hours a day is) so they want to work hard anyway, but the extra few dollars on top seals the deal.

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