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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bababooie, Sep 1, 2001.

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    :blob4: which retaining block is the easiest to do curves with,i just finished a unilock wall but the mmin.radius is 8ft.i had to do alot of cutting,they sell alot of lafarge around here how is that?
  2. Stonehenge

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    I think you're going to find that a lot of the retaining wall blocks rated for wall heights greater than 2-3' are going to have a similar min radius. You can likely buy block that can go in a tighter radius, but it'll only be good for a wall of 2' or so.

    The trick is to use that information in the design process and not design something that will leave you with a week worth of cutting. Not only that, but the block bond lines start to look funny when you have a section of mini-pieces because you had to cut a bunch off of each one.
  3. neighborguy

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    I agree with stonehenge, I know that when I started to do some of the larger walls I got myself into the same situation. All that you can do is plan ahead, use terraces of smaller walls (properly of course), or bid the job knowing that you will have a ton of time invested in cuts.

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