Retaining Wall Collapses

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    There is much larger block available, and it's manufactured locally. However this wall was probably built before the larger block was available.

    Looks to me like the wall was built by the developer. And this is a prime example of why developers will develop a parcel of land under a different biz name, and then dissolve the business once they close out the development. Which dissolves the liability for the developer. However I believe the engineer and the wall builder may still be tracked down.
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  2. jmkr02

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    So they don't brand the development? For their portfolio of home development projects?
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  3. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    Some developers certainly do. Many do not. Probably more don't than do.

    This particular site is one HUGE development. It was only farm remaining in the area.
  4. xtreem3d

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    but what do you think the builder did when they excavated the foundations and found grid? probably cut it :hammerhead:
  5. AintNoFun

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    basically is the main/holding company is XYZ Builders, usually each different development they do will be XYZ Builders 1, XYZ Builders 2, etc
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Also keep in mind that the developer and the builder are usually two different people.
  7. whiffyspark

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    No they build the wall. It's usually the sane people building developments.

    Dvs who is manufactured local? Cambridge?
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  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    Usually the company that does the site work for the developer is not the same company that digs the foundations for the builder.

    2 different happenings.

    Home builders have their own subs that they use on all their communities. And developers have their own contractors as well.

    The question is - was the grid long enough to begin with? But I think even if the grid exceeded specifications, this still would have happened.

    Was the correct soil used?

    And really, I personally think all the water coming off the roof tops was the major cause. We've had a lot of snow. And it never really warmed up to dry the ground out.
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  9. TnToutdoors

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    Little bit of duct tape, orange construction fence and bailing wire and that thing will be as good as new. Id hate to be the one repairing that.
  10. jbailey52

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    DVS sent you a message... Actually don't know if I did it correctly.
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