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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Regular Joe, Sep 1, 2005.

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    Hello everyone. I started my own Landscaping and Turf Management company in April of this year, and as you all know, it has been a tremendous learning experience. I have about 6 years experience in landscaping projects of a wide variety (friends homes, my home, and I have friends who build houses for a living, so I help them out there). I was a mechanical engineer for 6 years and went through two corporate jobs, and then to a small outfit (trying to find the place that fit) but no success in the three led me to a sales job in the home theater business. That job went from what you might see on "CRIBS" to a retail store with retail hours and an sales floor with a bunch of high schoolers (no offense, just not what I wanted). I have a little girl and wife and the hours there were late sometimes. Never the less, this is the path led me to finally get off my stool of procrastination, and start the business that I love. Outdoors and heavy equipment, and it has been busier than I thought it would be with starting so late in the season. I have been using you guys as a resource for about 8 montyhs now, but as any newcomer, I need alot of experienced landscapers to help with some of the estimating, so to get off of my background and on to my question....

    The customer wants a drystack, thin paver (called field stone i think) retaining wall in front of the house. The wall will halve sortof a half of a kidney shape to it and will be about 55-60 feet long. The left side will only need to be about 2 pavers high (will butt next to the driveway and ground is same grade there) but as it flows to the end of the house, the grade will drop to a point where the wall will need to finish at 2' high. I have no idea how to calculate my labor rate on this will the taper. I read an article on here where a member had a labor rate for the base run, and then a seperate labor rate for the other runs, but I cannot find the post again. Thank you for being such a valuable resource. :waving:

    I will post a link to a pic of the sone if necessary, but the site is down right now.

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